And everyone’s invited to Sarah-Jane’s house for a fantastic Latte! (Just kidding. Unless Sarah-Jane has a really big kitchen.) Thanks to everyone for entering. And thanks to Krups USA for donating the prize, and giving John his new machine. We had a good time reading all of your responses. Stayed tuned for more giveaways soon!
(Contest Rules; Winner chosen by certified random number generator.)

KRUPS GIVEAWAYA few weeks ago, we posted a notice on Facebook that Farmer John’s coffee maker had died….right at the beginning of kidding season. Despite its name, kidding season is very serious. With approximately 250 goat births scheduled over a period of just three months, John doesn’t get a lot of sleep. In fact, all he gets is short naps, rising every few hours to go check the barn to see which does might be going into labor.

Needless to say, coffee is very important to John this time of year.

Here’s what John looks like when the first goats are born:

Beekman Baby Goats

And here’s what he looks like about halfway through:

Baby Goat Photos

There’s no telling what he’ll look like by the time the last kid is born. (Just teasing, John!)

Part of what we love about having such a fun Facebook community, with virtual neighbors from around the world, is that we never know who will see our posts. (And the occasional pleas for help.)

We were surprised and delighted that someone from Krups USA happened to see the post about John’s broken coffee maker and offered to send John a new Krups machine!

And better yet…they sent a second one for us to use in a giveaway for one of our virtual neighbors (that means you.)

The machine that Krups USA has chosen for the giveaway is a really fancy one….top of the line. (Too bad we can’t enter ourselves. And Mom, you can’t either.)

It’s a Krups XP5280 Espresso Machine. It’s got a precise tamping mechanism, multi-directional milk frother and amazing 15 bar pump. If you don’t know what that all means, you don’t have to. Just know that it retails for, like, $400 and makes the best espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes you can imagine. And it’s pretty…stainless steel. Pretty matters.

For more info, check out Krups USA website.


For your chance to win it…simply answer the question below in the comment section:

QUESTION: The time I most needed a good cup of coffee in my life was…


1. One entry per person.

2. You must live within the Continental United States.

3. No entries after Wednesday, March 27.

4. Winner will be selected at random, and we will announce the winner on this page on Thursday, March 28.Good luck!


by Josh and Brent

Reader Comments


The tie I need coffee most is after being called in to work a 12 hour night shift! The days you are on call your heart sinks every time the phone rings….

Georgiana Kisch

I needed a good cup of coffee to celebrate the one year anniversary of my friend turning their life around. Coffee is now their drink of choice.

Martina Williamson

The time I most needed coffee was when I was at the hospital when my mother was sick. I stayed with her because the pain medication was confusing her and she was afraid. She would sleep for an hour wake a up and want me to take her home. I juste needed to be there to assure her she was okay.

Jan M

The time Grandpa Tom needs his coffee is just before his 3 young grandkids arrive; he needs all the great coffee he can consume to keep up with them

lee anne miller

The time I mostly needed a cup of coffee in my life was just so simple. It was when I was going through a very tough time personally, and getting up in the morning to face another day. It might seem ridiculous but a good cup of coffee in the morning ……….the steamy warmth, the comfortable mug,the soothing aroma, the familiarity of the morning routine helped me in some simple way be able to get going and meet the challenges of another day.


My husband would tell you every day…or I turn into the evil “GrumplePuss”


Well, everyday I need a great cuppa, or the world is just not right! If I don’t have it, I am one cranky gal!

Susan Solomon

the first night home after the birth of each of my children!


The time I most needed a cup of coffee was the time that I waited by the phone all night long to get word of the arrival of my first grandson. When my son called to annouce his birth I got to hear little Gabriel cry! My husband and I celebrated with a coffee on the deck and watched the sun rise.

victoria vonier

I most needed a cup of coffee at 8:14 in the morning, after rising at 3:45 to harvest vegetables to take to market (working by the headlights of Hal, my Kubota RTV which accompanies me and my dog Charlie into the garden). I was driving through what passes for rush hour traffic in Milwaukee, trying to make it to the local restaurant before the chef.

I did not stop for coffee, and surprisingly, none was offered upon arrival with boxes of dew washed deliciousness.
VV HalfBridge Far,

karen dolen

Every single morning I need a good cup of coffee…that is how I start my day

Marta Minty

After being up for many hours during the night and finding out half your staff is sick and you are going to work in a special education room ; ) Ahhhh coffee helps!

Greg Maddock

I can’t remember a time I DIDN’T need a great cup of coffee! I need one now. Fingers crossed x

Megan Putnam

The time I most needed a good cup of coffee in my life was…well, there is no “was.” There is only “is”. I don’t have a sad story (besides earning a Master’s degree and unable to find a job…at all), or even an inspirational one (I am still hopeful…heh). All I know is that my “was” is every morning, I need an I.V. infusion of java in order to be able to function as a human. I settle for coffee maker coffee when I wish I could indulge myself with an espresso drink. I pass by the coffee shops sometimes, remembering more prosperous times, feeling sub-human. So, with my current economic times as they are, there is no way I could purchase this machine, or at least not anytime soon. So I lied, my story IS sad, tragic really. The job search is tough, the coffee helps. Great coffee?…well that’s a dream.

Pamela Truax

…when I got off a 32 hour flight that had been, 1. delayed, 2. rerouted, 3. refueled, 4. delayed, 5. refueled, 6. rerouted…from Madera Portugal and eventually landing in Tampa, FL.

Erin Tuel

I needed coffee the most about 3 days after my first son was born. That is when I discovered the joy of coffee!


The time I most needed a good cup of coffee in my life was… after exploring Sharon Springs for 10 hours in one day. What a cool little town with so much history.

Camille DeLisi

Waking up while it is still dark outside to get to the hospital in time to round on patients before the attending gets there is when I need a good cup of coffee…or two.

Cindy H

The time I most needed a good cup of coffee in my life was… when my dear French 92 years young grandmother passed away recently. She served coffee to us in her finest demitasse cups & saucers, making every sip special. We teased about how she liked her sugar and cream (fresh from raw cow’s milk) with a little coffee. I think of her every time I have a cup, although my cups are much bigger these days! 😉


Whenever I can. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? The taste, the smell, the process, the experience, and the camaraderie around a good cup of coffee – I love it all. It feels equally a luxury on a beautiful Saturday morning with the whole weekend ahead of me as it does on a Monday morning with work calling.

Jennifer Blake

when all 3 of my young boys were sick at the same time! I was stressed and exhausted and a good latte would have been dreamy!


When unknowingly fighting major depression. Just didn’t feel like my old “go-get ’em” self — for a l o n g time. Had some leftover espresso, oh-so-bitter. But it helped. Thus my discovery: Damn, something is wrong here. It ain’t easy but here’s a hand up–COFFEE!


I love my coffee, especially a Non-fat Latte from that “famous coffee” shop. I really needed a Latte or TEN, while waiting for my first grandson to be born!

James Edgeworth

After a hard day, a great dinner, coffee and dessert for two is what life is all about


I’m not hoping to win the espresso maker for me, I’m hoping to win it for my best friend and soul mate, Eric. He has always wanted an espresso maker. He has been with me through losing my mom to leukemia, my own breast cancer and thyroid surgery (driving me to and from Sloan Kettering over and over), and now the loss of my 15 yr old dog (who I’d had since a 10 wk old pup). in other words, I don’t know what I would have done without him and I would so love for him to have this espresso maker. If I did ask him the question, I think he would say “every morning”. We’ve had a difficult last few years, and coffee has been his morning ritual every single morning, and he doesn’t do anything before having his first cup. Thank you Brent and Josh you are the best! Hope to make it to the Garden Party again this year 🙂

Robert Santos

“The time I most needed a good cup of coffee in my life was…”after treating my patient today and I know I made a difference in her young life.

Maria Aguilera

I need that good cup of coffee when i work double shifts, especially the 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM shift. Right around 3:00 AM I hit the wall, and that cup of coffee gives me just the jolt I need to keep working at my sharpest. Can’t do it otherwise.


Every morning when I get up before light and take care of my goats and chickens. Good coffee, good goats, good life….


…was when I’d been up for 3 days straight in Vegas and had to flee into the desert cause some crazy queen was after me for rescuing the goldfish outta her boobs!


The time I most needed a good cup of coffee in my life was first thing in the morning.
Best way to start the morning off right.

Tyler Nelson

The time I most needed a good cup of coffee in my life was after I moved away from Seattle and couldn’t find my favorite type of coffee anywhere in my new city. Luckily, I’ve since found a new coffee shop and I’m back in business 🙂

Bob W

Last week when we had to put our Yorkie down after 13 years.


When all the animals are having baby and you check on them every two hours. And every morning.

Patrick Mullen

I needed a good cup of coffee last weekend when I pulled an all nighter to cram for an exam, then realized I had the wrong date !

Sara Jane

a cup of my husband’s custom blended coffee in bed every morning.

Eric James Reed

I used to need coffee the most when I would go to work at midnight and home at 8 a.m., because I was an indoor night-gardener at the Mall of America. Strange job, but with good coffee I made those gardenias and jasmines BLOOM, and attacked the armies of bugs with gusto!


Was during my year and a half of chemo……it was off the menu and I really missed my morning cup of joe. I don’t care what anyone says, decafe does not taste the same.

Kathy Powers

The first thing at 5:00am when the dogs & horses want to be fed!

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