“Mud Season” is officially upon us. In fact, it’s raining right now as I type. Mud Season basically begins with the spring thaw, and ends once the grass & trees begin to bud and use up the excess moisture in the ground.

When we first moved in to Beekman 1802 Farm in 2007 it was the height of Mud Season. So while it might not be the favorite time of year for most of the locals, it will always hold a special place in our hearts. It’s kinda ugly…but it’s our ugly.

Take a walk with us around the farm today…but be sure to grab your umbrella…


by Josh and Brent

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Karen Stamberg

Thank you so much for sharing it’s absolutely beautiful yet peaceful calming and serene.Yet you could feel love life and laughter.God Blessings to you both you give so much to us your neighbors from Homer Glen Illinois

Alice Marovich

Your farm uplifts our spirits and brings peace to our souls. There is joy in seeing the appearance of new flowers peeking up through the mud. I can hear the goats giggling and feel the adventure in your dog of running wild and getting mud on his paws. Thanks for the pictures.

Charlene Bryant

The farm tour inspired me to get back out in my little yard and get busy!! Thanks for the great pics. I so enjoy the baby goats too.


I always enjoyed your pictures and goings on around the farm. Those babies are darlin’….
thanks for sharing!

MaryLou Holloway

Lov your pics and posts. Wish my farmer sons in Montgomery County could relax once in a while and enjoy their beautiful land.

Laurel Wahl

Hi neighbors, I live in Cooperstown and I love the village of Sharon Springs with all the huge bath houses. I love watching you two and the baby goats on Evine, you guys are so much fun. Maybe I will see you the next time I drive to Sharon Springs. Be well neighbors

Catherine Gallagher

Mudday, Mudday, it’s all I hope it would be! Welcome back. Love all your photos, especially the animals.

Karmon Kear-Fanton

Love your photos! I am from Upstate NY, and now live in Georgia. Oh…. how I miss the seasons! I really enjoy your pictures, it’s like a quick trip home for me! Thank-You, so much for sharing your lives with us!

Kristen Beekman Wilkinson

Love your photos of mud season! Thank you for sharing them. PS: I’m a Beekman so I love visiting your site! Kristen Beekman Wilkinson

Neighbor Veronica

Your Mud Season photos are outstanding – I enjoyed looking at them. Kudo’s to the photographer!!!!

Elizabeth Miller

We need to build a new chicken run this spring. Eyeballing how you made yours. And yes, mud season is super ugly, but also filled with activity and anticipation. The Beekman farm seems beautiful at all times.