Earlier this year, our life at The Beekman Farm was chronicled in an excellent article in the New York Times.  We heard from hundreds of hundreds of people who saw in our dreams of a better life a little bit of their own dreams and aspirations.

Shortly after the article appeared, we received a note from a young woman who had been so inspired by the images that accompanied the story (and by the goats!),  that she asked if she could have her wedding at the farm.

After meeting the young bride and some of her friends, there was simply no way we could say ‘no’

As wedding plans are coming together,  every gaze out into the flower garden over the last month has made me think about the blushing brides of June.

…but maybe that’s just projection.  What do you think?


Perhaps all of these glorious blooms are what attract so many brides to the Month of June.  Kate, the bride-to-be, chose not to compete with nature’s showiness and is getting married later in the summer.  I am certain though that as she makes her way down the stairs and into the formal flower garden, a blush on her cheeks hidden beneath a white veil, all of the remaining blooms of summer will bow in her honor.

by Dr. Brent

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I just watched your show for the first time last Wednesday. i was immediately hooked and wanting to see more. It is interesting, erducational and entertaining.

Kudos to you both for a successful new show.

You bring honor to the ranchers and farmers.

Your energy is amazing! W=I am sure the

residents in Sharon springs are pleased

and honored to have you as neighbors.

I am looking forward to the next season and am tellingmy family about it. Thank you for allowing us to come into your lives.

Bev Laguna Beach Calif.


I've been enjoying reading your blog, Dr. Brent (first one I've ever read all the way through – how about that??)

You're a physician – you'll understand the miracle I'm about to describe.

I've been a (nasty old) smoker for over 30 years now and my "smeller" doesn't work well anymore. I have to admit, I miss the smell of flowers.

Looking at the pictures on this page – I just got a whiff of flowers!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!

Thanks to you and Josh for sharing your lives with us. I can imagine that having cameras on you so often really cuts down on privacy and could get irritating at times. However, we DO learn from you both – and love and appreciate all you do for us.

Take care – we love you both, Farmer John, the goats, turkeys, Polka Spot (of course,) cats, chickens, and even the pigs and Mary (may they all rest in peace.)

Amy A.

Love, love your show. I watch with my girls and we laugh out loud at you and Josh (and Polka Spot). We have also cried with you (harvesting your pigs). The Beekman is beautiful, inside and out. I just wanted to say that you have a great voice. I am a teacher and I think your voice would be perfect for reading audio books. Maybe that is something you could do in the winter when things are quiet:) Just a thought. Thanks so much for the hours of enjoyment you have given me and my girls. We are looking forward to season 2. Say HI to Josh and Farmer John.


hi dr. brent,

i was raised in farm country & loved poultry as a child. chickens make great pets for little girls and boys. i was wondering what your count is with regards to your chickens & turkeys, & if you will be rotating cocks/toms with local stock. also, any plans for geese? what a memorable christmas dinner, and oh, the pate…

do your chickens help de-bug the garden? we had a good sized flock of bantams for that. they breed quickly & in no time you have a sizable flock. we had problems with predators, but mainly at night. keep up the good fight boys. if you aren't enjoying tomato sandwiches right now, nc will disown you. thanks for telling the world that home grown is best!

ellen in nc


Hey guys, happened upon your show and love it!!! I tell everyone about it. I am wondering what is next step for your farm and how LARGE whould you both like the farm to get. What are the dreams you both share after the 1 year of sacrifice is over.


Hi Brent and Josh,

My husband and I have a historic farm (circa 1730) right outside of Philadelphia. Our 11 cats, 3 dogs, and 3 sheep watch your show religiously. I am you and Chris is Josh. I bathe my sheep weekly. Chris' family has a few hundred acres in Iowa. They thought I was Paris Hilton when I went there for a family funeral years ago and bathed the pigs. They had never seen a Jew and a vegetarian When we saw the wedding episode and you were bathing Porgy and Bess, Chris was hysterical! Keep it up – we love you guys!


Love your show! You guys are so cute together. Since you're both working way too hard and need a vacation, why don't you do a destination wedding and make a vacation out of it too? My brother and his husband got married last year at p-town Ma and it was the best wedding I've ever been to. I wish you all the best with your business and with your lives together. You're such an inspiration to so many people.

janet lawson

Love your show and my husband and I are am watching it now..The ghost episode..Just finished Josh's book and it was hilarious and touching at the same time..Wishing you both all of the happiness the Beekman can bring you two..Love you guys and am telling everyone about your show..Keep the episodes coming..


great show…we love it…we especially love your goats. They are the best. It's amazing you can have great pets and earn a livelihood at the same time.

jean & dan


Michael Rash

Hi Dr. Brent,

Love the show, have been following for about a year and a half on website. Very inspiring, my partner and I love comparing ourselves to you. The arguments and drama are so great. Is that weird to say? I'm you and John is so Josh. tee hee. We have been buying into a local co-op in Kalamazoo Michigan and I bought John Barbara Kingsolvers book about going local 2 year ago, and we are on third year of our CSA. Oh, and you two are way too cute. Love the farm work in the Burberry shirts. Over the top. Heading out to hand pick blueberies and raspberries today here in Douglas, MI I'll write to tell how it went. Hi to Josh.


Hi Brent, i have watched all the episodes of your tv show so far and they are fabulous. thanks for letting us into your homes and lives.

Wishing you all the best with everything….


Brent, I hope you and Josh get your special day sometime soon. The show is great – thank you both for providing something interesting and rewarding to watch during the summer. I wish you both much success and happiness.


Those photos are simply beautiful.

Beekman seems to be the perfect host for a wedding. It would be really cute to have a goat be the ring bear. LOL



So everywhere you look you see signs of weddings, how does Mr Josh feels about this…Just kidding. But your place would make a "Great Gatbsy" of a wedding, Men in seersucker suits with women in silk and lace dresses and hats. Thanks for the pictures–Bill


You are so gracious to allow others into your lives; we all follow your progress, living vicariously at Beekman through your stories and reports. We'll be waiting for pictures of what will no doubt be one of the most beautiful weddings ever!


And to think I missed all this floral beauty by just a few weeks.. absolutely gorgeous.

I'm sure Kate will enjoy her wedding in such a peaceful place.

I hope the sunflowers are starting to grow..