The sun is up a little longer. And so are we. Here’s how I plan on spending my evenings…hopefully not in front of a fire for a change!
Back to Basics – We love this book. We love the updated version of this book. It’s a terrific guide to doing all the things we set out to learn when we bought this farm – cheesemaking, jam preserving, dying wool, how to cut and stack firewood. Everything you need to know to live life simply.

Slow Love – We were so excited to learn that this former editor of House & Garden magazine was a big fan of Beekman 1802 and even shopped the Mercantile for Christmas gifts!  We love what she has produced, too–a book about finding a more meaningful way to live.


Martha’s American Food – We always look to Martha for staple recipes. (Whenever we’re unsure of a traditional classic recipe we cross reference Martha, Ina & The New Basics. ) In Martha’s latest book, she shares her take on American Classic recipes, from ribs, to pot pies, to cobblers.


The Journal Keeper – We talk a lot about seasonal living and making the most out of each one.  In this unflinching and poetic memoir, this writer takes a look at the final seasons of life, including love, aging, caring for parents, and spirituality.


The Fire Island Cookbook – We loved this cookbook (it even says so on the back cover.) Arranged by full menu, it shares recipes for creating many memories of summertime entertaining. And also thoughtfully assembled so that you can actually enjoy summer activities with friends instead of toiling in the kitchen all day.


White Truffles in Winter – This author will be on the farm this summer doing a Radical Sabbatical.  In this book she weaves a sensuous story of food and longing, war and romance.  I wanted to eat every page of this book.  Can’t wait to see how working on the Beekman Farm works its way into her next book.


Tell me…what are you reading?


by Josh Kilmer-Purcell

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Jim Atwell

Hey, Josh, I’d love to see my “Wobbling Home” on you late summer reading list. National stats suggest you have lots with Parkinson’s among your fans. Very likely thousands, since there are a million of us in the US. The million means that, if you don’t know someone who has Parkinson’s, you know someone to knows one. (Take that, Kevin Bacon and your five degrees of separation!) Besides, “Wobbling” is a great read. Take care you guys–now both country folk!

Delia D.

Hi Josh, Hope you do a winter reading list again this year. Last year’s suggestions were great. After I retired I finally finished “The Color of Rain”. Thank you so much for suggesting it. What a beautiful, insprirational book.

Jo-Ann Rogowski

I just finished reading the "The Bucolic Plague" I loved this book. I never,never-read books but I couldn't put it down. You guy's rock! I wish I had half the energy you both have. I will continue to follow you with Beakman 1802.

Julie F

Forgot to mention- I also bought your cookbook and it is now on The Fave Shelf. That would be the shelf of cookbooks that actually get used, again and again, and I never get tired of. I keep finding amazing recipes to use and even though I eat gluten and lactose free (but can tolerate goat's milk, thank god!) I've been able to adapt many of the recipes to suit my diet. It's a beautiful book, simple and without the frippery I find in alot of other books.

Dr. Brent

Thanks for that awesome review of the cookbook, Julie. Our intent with the book was that it would be the one that you would reach for again and again, not only for our recipes but for your own that you include.

Julie F

I'm actually reading Josh's first book, "I Am Not Myself". I read "Bucolic Plague" last year…and then watched the DVD set of the Fab Beekman Boys….and fell in love with your website. I think the Beekman'ing of my life is almost complete 🙂


I'm reading a great book called "The Bucolic Plague"! Perhaps you've heard of it! LOL! I love your writing style, Josh!

Doug Burke

Josh, since the show is no longer on the air, we would like to know if your are now able to be at the farm full-time? Loved The Bucolic Plague. I hope OWN picks up the show. Doug

suzanne spina

I just finished "The House of Mirth" by Edith Wharton and "Confessions of a Surgeon" by Paul Ruggieri, MD., in addition to "Shades of Grey" by E.L. James (would not recommend) Getting ready to read "Monday Mornings: A Novel" by Sanjay Gupta.

My Kindle is killing my pocketbook…


Currently, I am loving the "Game of Thrones" series. Nearly 4,000 pages on my Nook (whew!) I am sure this is all I will need until the snow flies!


Have either of you read, "The China Study" by T.Colin Campbell, PhD?

Fascinating book on the relationship between nutrition and health–especially long-term health and how the proper food is so vitally important to all of us. I highly recommend it!

Ken Newman

I just picked up, " The Book of the New Alchemists ", at a library used book sale. It was published in 1977 and is a fascinating set of articles from the New Alchemy Institute at Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Talk about permaculture, seasonal living, slow food and voluntary simplicity. These folks recognized the way things were going and offered up alternatives, ( in 1977 ). Truer today than then, this book is inspiring.

Their "Cape Cod Ark" is amazing. Although the book is out of print, Amazon has several copies listed.