Check out our list of products and the amazing brand video HSN put together for us, here: https://www.hsn.com/shop/beekman-1802/19090 

Hi Neighbors!  

By now, we’re sure you’ve heard our little company’s BIG news: we’re moving to HSN! We have received so many messages of excitement, encouragement, and congratulations on our switch to HSN. We’ve received about as many messages with questions (most of which we answered during a Facebook Live Q&A). We are humbled at the outpouring of love. We only get one chance to make a successful first impression with HSN, and our nerves are starting to get the better of us. But you guys are the reason we’ve grown this far, and your support keeps us calm. You’ve cheered us on a race around the world, you’ve tidied up Beekman shelves in stores around the country, you’ve come to all of our village festivals…you’re the reason we’ve been able to grow a thriving business in a small rural town. 

We hope that during our Facebook Live Q&A, we were able to answer most of your questions, and then some. If there is anything we didn’t answer, you can always reach us on Facebook! The two of us try to answer each and every comment that comes through. You can also watch the replay of the Q&A below. 


Where are you going? 

We are moving to HSN and our first show is July 31st. Check out our list of products and the amazing brand video HSN put together for us, here: https://www.hsn.com/shop/beekman-1802/19090 

Why did you leave Evine 

Our goal is to make as many people happy as possible. The reason we made the decision to leave Evine is because as you guys know, over the last several years, Evine has been a tremendous partner. We would not be here without their help. They are tremendous at helping to grow brand new brands that otherwise would not be able to get their start. We are eternally grateful to Evine. It was a very hard decision, but one of the biggest challenges for us is the amount of time we spent away from the farm – the source of inspiration for everything we do. For every 3-4 days we were on Evine, we would have to travel a couple of days early for setup, meetings, etc. which would then turn into a week. And during some months, we would have two appearances on Evine which meant two weeks or so away from the farm and that just got to be a lot for us. If we are not at the farm, we cannot continue to post the beautiful pictures you all love on social media. We can’t keep coming up with the ideas and formulations for new products. We had to find the best solution that would give us back the quality of life at the farm, but that also enabled us to connect with a lot of neighbors. We still love all of our friends at Evine. By us moving away from Evine, another little brand will now have the opportunity of a lifetime.  

Are you doing a lot of new Christmas items?  

Oh yes, we will have the holiday bounty boxes and seasonal bounty boxes. Everything that you loved on Evine, you will have on HSN, except even better because it is free shipping on beauty products.  

 Are the goats coming with you to HSN?  

Where would we be without the baby goats? Of course, they’re coming. One thing that people don’t know is that we don’t bring our own baby goats. We actually work with a goat farm local to the studio for our appearances.  

Are you going to be selling a lot of new things on HSN?  

We have been using our time this summer to develop new products and new ideas for all of you. One of the things we’ve been working with HSN on is how to bring some of our local artisan-made items to HSN. It gives our local artisans an opportunity to sell on a big platform, which we could never figure out the logistics of with Evine. We are really excited about that.  

Will you also be selling on QVC?  

That’s a great question! They are owned by the same company as HSN but are two separate brands. A presence on QVC is not up to us, but who knows what the future will bring.  

Will there be more men-specific products on HSN?  

This is on the chore list, but we do try to make all of our advanced skincare items unisex. 

Already checked out HSN but did not see sets like on Evine (lip balms, face wipes, etc.) 

They’re coming. We are all working hard at getting all the inventory up on their website.  

What is your favorite soap scent?  

Honey Oatmeal for Brent and Honey Grapefruit for Josh 

Will your website still be up?  

Oh yes! You can always order special and exclusive items that you’ll only find on shop.beekman1802.com. 

Will you continue the Limited-Edition Beekman Cookie Jars and Limited-Edition Ornament?  

Yes! It’s already designed and super charming. 

Will the products still be made in the US?  

Absolutely. All of our beauty and skincare will always be made in the USA where we can trace the origins of every single ingredient.  

I would like to leave a review on your products on HSN. How do I do it?  

HSN (much like other TV shopping networks) want to make sure that the reviews are authentic. After you’ve purchased and received your items, you’ll receive an email with a prompt to leave a review.  

What is the first thing I should try?  

You have to start with the soap, the body cream and the wipes – the 3 best-selling products.  

Will you do subscription boxes as you did on Evine 

Yep! We’ve already started designing them!  

 There’s a price increase on the soaps. How come?  

All we can say right now is: watch for the on-air special. It’s all going to work out or even better! We will have the best deal on soaps, ever.   

How often will you be on TV? 

We are going to be on HSN once a month, for one day at a time. Sign up for the email notifications.  At the end of July, we are starting with Beauty. In August, we will be bringing Happy Place and then September is back to Beauty. In October, we will be switching to Holiday items which means GOAT POOP is coming back! 

Are you going to have lotions on HSN?  

Yes, not all the products are up on the HSN website. Everything will be going up over time.  

How much will we pay for shipping?  

HSN has free shipping for all beauty products! You read that right, free shipping!  


by Josh and Brent

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Tracy Johnson

I would like to get e mails when Beekman Boy’s are going to be on hsn.Love their products!

Hedy Johnson

Was upset that a product I was looking forward to ordering was sold out soon after the beginning of the presentation. I unfortunately have always had dark circles under my eyes and thought I’d give your product a try. I use many of your skin products and at age 67 have no complaints. I would appreciate it if an item is sold out you would tell your viewers it will be on wait list. Thanks.

Neighbor Services

Hi, Neighbor! Sorry to hear you were not able get your hands on some of the products you were interested in during the recent HSN presentation. All products are while quantities last. There is an option on our site to sign up to receive an email notification for any out of stock items with us by clicking the green banner on the right hand side of the screen.

Deborah Miller

Watched you yesterday on HBN, I have been googling Beekman 1802 ever since. ..I am wondering…do you send out samples of your products to try?
God bless you both, & the goats


Jeanne Silveri

Well said. Very kind on how you explained the move. As usual you’re just nice and caring. God bless to you, you’re families and everyone at the farm. Amazing neighbors. You’re the best. Wish I could visit Sharon Springs🐦



Not only do I luxuriate in your body care products, I share them with relatives and close friends as gifts or place setting favors. I even placed an attractive bowl filled with hand lotions on an accent table near the exit door.

I am dismayed at the name for your candy, Goat Poop; I find it embarrassing and uncoth. It does not invite me to eat it. Connotation is extremely important. “Goat Poop” is offensive. Can you imagine little ones asking for , “more poop” ? Out of context, the children sound naughty by others who have no idea what they are refering to. The immediate image is off-putting as is the ppearance of the actual product.

You guys are more refined than this. We need a kinder, more gentle world, just as your other products, for the most part, provide. Words and their associations are everything!

Thank you fro the opportunity to express my thinking.

Loretta Guynn

I love your products and I am so excited that you are with HSN. I still shop with Evine as well. So I get the best of both worlds. I am glad that you are still with someone I can shop with. Congratulations Neighbor.

Marilyn Hydeck

I just purchased the laundry detergent. To my surprise, the first, 2nd and 3rd time I used it in my HE washer, I got chunks of black in the filter I use out of the washer. I assume this is natural? I used to use a fabric softener, which, I no longer use with the laundry detergent. So far I love it. 💞.

Diane Miller

I have many of your products and especially love the body creams and the giant cakes of soap. My only problem is that these large cakes do not fit into any standard soap dish. Then the wet soap sits on the counter top or a ledge on the tub or shower and gets gummy. I suggest you design a soap dish specifically for these cakes. It could be a nice plastic or a light metal. Something that fits in with your image of simple and classy and would look great sitting neatly on a surface in my bath room. Thanks for listening.

Linda swistak

I love all your products, I have a big box of your soaps, shampoos , lotions etc in my closet. I tried your Carmel apples last xmas and fell in love with them!! I just hope you will bring them back this year before the holidays end. I recently just tried your laundry soap, I love it, my whites seem brighter and my colors just scream ” look at me”!!!

Anita Solomon

My issue is not that your products are tested on animals. My objection to your products is that in order to make your products from goats milk, the goats must be always be pregnant in order to lactate! So how can you say in order to produce all your products with goats milk, there is No animal cruelty involved? You cannot say that these goats are being impregnated completely as nature intended. There has to be artificial insemination being used on these exhausted goats to keep them producing milk. Also, what are the babies who need their Mothers milk being fed if your producing it for products? How many of these baby goats are intentionally starved to death when they’re not considered good stock? What are the conditions in which these pregnant goats must live in?


They do not keep the goats pregnant. They rest them for six months and they go to other goat farms and use other goat farms to get the milk.

Before you take an accusatory tone you really should research and actually call the farm or watch the Beekman boys on TV.

They’ve answered this question many many times but obviously you’re too busy ranting to stop and listen Before you take an accusatory tone you really should research and actually call the farm or watch the Beekman boys on TV. They’ve answered this question many many times but obviously you’re too busy ranting to stop and listen.

Laura H Nelson

Did I see some sort of a caledar? Seem to fly by it real quick. Liked the art. Please advise so I can get one. Thanks

Rhonda Carr

So happy for the success you both have achieved with this wonderful line of products! I remember seeing videos of the friends you had helping you package your large order of soaps when your business first launched! Wow! How far you have both come! Keep up the great work & your commitment to quality & being kind to others! It works! The products are fantastic!

Patricia Fears

As long as I can still find you. Congratulations on your move. Forever a Beekman 1802
“vanilla absolute”girl.

Judith Lehman

So sad..
My order of soap and body cream
Autoship 42.00 did not go tru…
Also order mil k cleanser bundle
one time…so disappointed as you move to HSN
Called them but they told me you sold out… lost in the shuffle

Heidi Meka

Hi Judith! Please contact us here at Neighbor Services 888.801.1802×1. We would love to help!

Bridget Engle

I need a calendar of your dates on HSN!! I was heartbroken that you left Evine but now that you will be on HSN that is good too! Sorry Evine but my guys have got to go!

Please let me know how to get a schedule so that I can see your days and times on HSN!

Patricia Moses

I received a letter from Evine saying that you were leaving. I have not had the time to do research as to where you were going. I finally found you on HSN. I placed my order last night for the soap. I have been out of this product for 2 weeks and have been using store bought soap. Ugh it is terrible. I set up the soap on auto delivery and will keep ordering. I love love love Beekman. I will be ordering lots more.

What skin care products do you recommend for over 50 ladies. I have used the air eye cream and love it. It is the only eye product that does not run into my eyes and cause my contacts blurry. Please let me know what products for us mature ladies.

Thanks for your great products. Another Beekman satisfied neighbor.

Cindy Michael

So excited to see you on HSN. I would love to try the soaps. Do you have a sampler? I would like to get just a small bar to pick out the ones I like. Thank you, I can’t wait until September.

Heidi Meka

Hi Melanie! Our soaps are very gentle, but have not been tested for use on animals.

Karen Rushing

Love the soap, gave as gifts, hubby loves it, whole family loves it…
But…Please, Please consider making baby wipes…. we need baby wipes in the world that are safe and good for tiny baby skin. I have lots of Grandchildren, friends with babies, Doula’s who teach all natural childbirth…etc. You guys would become mega heroes if you could teach the need for these wipes and sell them to all us Moms and Grandmas.
Thank you for all your products.
Karen Rushing

Heidi Meka

Hi Karen! I will add it to the chore list! However, our pure facial wipes are perfectly safe to use on babies! Give them a try!

Ruth Thomas

Hi Guys! I know you cant read all the happy, wishes being wished for you tonight… but Beekman neighbors will be watching (of course) ..you will be yourselves and all the new neighbors will love you as much as all of us “older” neighbors do!
Ruth in NJ x alligator skin and Heirloom Violet fan..positive vibes coming at you both!

Charlene L. Teter

Hi, Guys:

I am so happy you are going to HSN. Looking forward to seeing you there. I was not able to view Evine.
I have visited you in Sharon Springs and also at the Westerner in Greenville, NY. I have met Farmer John and also was fortunate to have my picture taken with you both and was allowed to hold one of your KIDs, along with my friend and we had our picture taken. It is one of my favorite souveniors.. Looking forward to your new shos on HSN.

Charlene Guibeau

Hello Neighbors!!! This is how I also think of you. Too bad I do not reside near you. I am thrilled you are going to HSN. Fingers crossed, maybe QVC some day. I know they are now owned by the same company but I prefer QVC. Happy for you that will be on the farm more. Thrilled for me that there will be more deals to purchase your products on HSN and lower shipping charges. So…..Congratulations!! I hope you are happy with your move to HSN. Much peace and love to you, your community, and your goats. cmg

Alice Batzel

HI NEIGHBOR! CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU FOR COMING TO HSN! I tried to stock up before you left EVINE but the dry, hot summer is kicking my skin, and I need more moisture…the pure goat milk type! PLEASE ALWAYS MAKE THE PURE GOAT MILK PRODUCTS! I have atopic dermatitis, solar hypersensitivity, and frequent solar dermatitis. Also, I get migraines and asthma attacks from strong fragrances. Your PURE GOAT MILK products are the answer to my search for skin care products that are good for my skin and my overall health. THANK YOU! (Currently using and loving the bar soap, body lotion, whipped body cream, hand salve, body sunscreen, milk face primer with SPF, lip balms with and without SPF, wipes, cuticle cream, and hand wash.) I’ve pre-ordered with HSN and their auto-ship on some of my needed items; I’ll be sure to post reviews when I receive them. I’m looking forward to your HSN launch! THANK YOU for the free shipping on so many items! Best wishes for continued success as HSN becomes your new neighbor!

Susan Sturtevant

Hi Josh and Brent,
Can’t wait for your HSN debut on the 31st! As with all dedicated neighbors, I adore your products; especially the Whipped Body Cream. So glad that you have the Morning Glory fragrance available on the Beekman1802 website; and that the whipped body cream is back in stock! It is such a pretty fragrance! Can’t wait for the holiday shows and the Goat Poop. Thanks for making such fabulous beauty and household products, and for brightening so many lives with your genuine caring outlook, kindness, and smiles.

Frances Himmelman

I am so hooked on your products and have given out soaps and wipes to everyone. I totally support you both in all your endeavors.

Kimberly Mathews

I’m so happy. When you left Evine I was not sure how to get your products. I watch HSN!


I am thrilled that you will be back on TV. Love all of you products. I boast about you to anyone who will listen. The two of you are the gentlemen every mother prays their sons will turn out to be. Our Lord had big plans for you when he gave you life.


I am very happy with your decision to move to HSN. Evine charges too much for shipping which is a deal breaker for me. I’ve cut my ordering from them considerably because of it. I am certain you will receive a warm welcome from HSN and their customers. I’ll be watching. Best Wishes!

Cheryl Raleigh

Since when does HSN have free shipping on beauty?
Not a big HSN shopper I’ll just buy from your website when I need it. I bought tons from evine on your last days. Closet is full!!


So glad you will be on HSN! I’ve been with them since the beginning! Best customer service. I like Evine, but they charge too much shipping and return fees. Look forward to your premier show! Wondering who will be host for first show? Colleen? Best of luck!!! Please bring back rose soap!!!!

Mariann Sampieri

Congrats guys. So happy your coming down to hang with us Florida neighbors. Keep bringing the wipes please.


Is shipping to Hawaii free? If not, shipping was high for us on Evine because shipping was per item versus per order. How is it on HSN? Thank you!


Your products and packaging are first class Will follow you and the goats to HSN!


So glad to hear that you are moving to HSN. One if my favorite shopping channels. Welcome to the HSN family, neighbors.


I have been buying Beekman products for years I’m sad they kept E one but know they have to do what’s best for themselves I had a question that hasn’t been answered would you consider bringing back Morning Glory with MacKenzie-Childs with all the confusion between networks many never got it best scent ever..

Beverly Johnson

Looking forward to your first show on HSN…Good luck on your new endeavours….keep the goat milk products available…I don’t use any other product on my skin and hair. The results are healthy and refreshing. My goal is to meet both of you and visit the farm one day soon…take care.

Loretta Tolva

hi neighbors! just a quick note to let you know that I got the goat poop last year. unfortunately, i’m in southern FL. and when I got it, it was all melted togerther. I broke it apart with a screw driver. a knife wouldn’t do it. I couldn’t tell you about the flavors but the dhocolate was good. you may want to reconsider sending it this far south. (West Palm Beach)
Thanks for the great products and yes, I do spread the love around.