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All together now: “Brown paper packages, tied up with string…”

Yes, brown paper packages are some of our favorite things. For reasons inexplicable, the holidays have become gaudy—an army of jolly Santas and snowmen marching across your gifts. We suggest turning down the noise level, switching out the patterned gift wrap and bows for butcher paper and baker’s twine. Here are some of our favorite idea for how to wrap simply, but with style, using plain brown kraft paper.

  1. A sprig of rosemary, pine or sage tucked under the string lends color and a subtle fragrance.
  2. Instead of elaborate gift tags we like to use mailing tags, or a simple rectangular stamp.
  3. Write a Christmas memory right on the Kraft paper. “Remember that Christmas when we both had the flu, but Mom and Dad let us try out our new sled anyway?
  4. Sketch a little portrait of the recipient right on the paper —even if you’re not an artist. It will give your friend a good laugh.
  5. Buy vintage Christmas cards at the flea market or on eBay. Cut a card at its seam, and glue it to the paper for a fun gift tag.


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This idea appears in the Beekman 1802 Almanac, to get your autographed copy of the premier issue, click here



by Josh and Brent

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