Those of you who have been following along with the births of all the goat kids this year recently met the smallest of them all. She was the third born in a set of triplets. Her siblings were quite large – about 8lbs. But she, bless her wee little womb-squeezed heart, was only about 3lbs. Tops.

So Farmer John named her “Faintly.”

Because she’s just barely, faintly here.

She’s got a good appetite, and a good voice. So she’ll likely be just fine.

Many of you wanted to see a comparison photo with another one-day-old baby goat. So we posted this one:

A bonus picture of our personal favorite of the season: wee little "Faintly." She was born the tiniest of triplets. She's shown here with another kid born the same day for size comparison.

(She’s on the left. Obviously.)

But then some of you realized that you really didn’t know how big either of the goats were, so you asked for another comparison photo.

So we took several. Because we’re nice like that. Plus, Faintly’s pretty easy-going. So to answer your questions…

Is Faintly bigger than a bread box?


Yes. Unless she squats.

Is Faintly bigger than a grapefruit?


Sure is, the cutie-patoot.

Is Faintly bigger than a Kitchen Aid?

Faintly the wee little baby goat

Nope. She can fit in its shade.

Is Faintly bigger than a Top Hat?

Faintly the wee little baby goat

Well. Would you look at that?

Is Faintly bigger than a grand piano?

Faintly the wee little baby goat

Not even on tip toe.

Is Faintly bigger than a clock?

Faintly the wee little baby goat

Maybe its Tick. Not its Tock.

Is Faintly bigger than a tea cup?

Faintly the wee little baby goat

By three feet, she is. Yup.

Is Faintly bigger than this very fragile collection of glassware?


We’re not gonna find out.

Is Faintly bigger than a phone?

Faintly the wee little baby goat

Call her. She’s standing by. All alone.

Is Faintly bigger than Brent’s head?

Faintly the wee little baby goat

Not when he’s just gotten out of bed.

Is Faintly bigger than your heart?


She squeezes right in.

What else is Faintly bigger (or not) than? Let us know in the comments below.

by Josh and Brent

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Renay Cowper

Thank You for allowing your neighbors the chance to help name some of the new goats during your evine 1st year anniversary visit. It was an honor and fun to enter our names suggestions. I entered a name suggestion for a name starting with the letter D. When I watched the evvine show Saturday evening the winning name started with the letter F. Is there some way I could find out the winning names for each letter used during the evine visit???? Thanks for your time. Neighbor Renay

Take care and God’s blessings to you and yours.


Faintly is beautiful.As we all know,beautiful things come in small packages.Just saw info


Have not heard or seen anything about Faintly in a long time – please tell me he is still with you.

Ilona Crisp

How big is Faintly now that it is 2014? Did she catch up or is she still so very small and cute?

Linda Shuls

LaManchas are my weakness, but I have to admit that’s on cute kid!!!

Beverly Nan Murphy

Where is Faintly now and is she much bigger than any of those things? 2014 March 29

Tina Ward

Bigger than a flower pot, maybe, maybe not!
Bigger than a a teddy bear, could be but we don’t care!
Bigger than a library book, might be, we’ll just have to take a look!
Bigger than a birthday cake, certainly not the ones I make!

Cecfilia Thomas

Took a cute photo of her this AM in front of the Beekman Mercantile, she is so cute and very friendly !! Sorry we missed you 2, were told you had a photo shoot this AM!! By the way, your new shop is beautiful, lovely displays, and good selection of merchandise! We’ll be sharing our cheese purchase, but the soaps are my gift to me!!!