Remember Faintly? Our wee littlest goat born on Beekman 1802 Farm this season?

Of course you do. She’s bigger than life. (Even if she’s smaller than most everything else.)

A few weeks ago we brought her inside the house to show you all the things that she’s bigger and smaller than.

We then decided to take her into the village to see what else she compares to. Our friend Chris Stout-Hazard helped us take pictures.

Wanna ride along?

We’ve got plenty of room.

Faintly doesn’t take up much space.



First stop?

The Sharon Springs Free Library.

Is Faintly bigger than a stack of books?


She sure is, or so it looks.


Next stop…Cobbler & Co. Gifts.

Is Faintly bigger than a bunch of bears?


Just a bit, but they’re not scared.


On to the Post Office.

Is Faintly bigger than a letter bin?





She can be, but by just a chin.


Across the street, Faintly stopped at The Liquor Cabinet. (Just to look.)

Is Faintly bigger than a bottle of fizz?


She izz! She izz!


The nice women at the bank wanted Faintly to visit them next.

They thought that Faintly would be bigger than their money sorter.


They lost the bet. She’s a quarter shorter.


Faintly stopped next at Adelphi Paper Hangings.

Is Faintly bigger than a very full bucket of very sticky wallpaper glue?



We decided it would be best not to find out.


All this posing can build up quite a hunger, so we stopped to visit with Tony at The Black Cat.

Is Faintly bigger than somebody’s lunch?



She’s not, unless she takes a munch.


Faintly saw some friends over at 204 Main Bar & Bistro.

Is Faintly bigger than a pint of beer?



That much is true, it’s crystal clear.


All this posing can be quite stressful. Off to the Spring House Spa.


Is Faintly bigger than a massage table?



No. But it’s softer than her scratchy stable.


Faintly’s friends Chris and Roger opened the Love Decades Showroom.

Is Faintly bigger than their big tall chair?



Nope, but she looks cute up there.


Faintly had one last very important stop she really wanted to make.

She was very excited that Chief Baxter and Stacy Wojciechowski said she could go inside the Sharon Springs Firehouse.

Inside was something she’d always wanted to see if she was bigger than.

She was pretty sure she would be.

Positive, in fact.

What was it?

Well, Faintly thought for sure she would be bigger than a big red fire truck!



…No such luck.



by Josh and Brent

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Laura Rodd

Is Faintly bigger than a puddle? Oh my, oh no! She is in a muddle.
…than a tree? A tree? No my gosh not a tree but we don’t mention that because we are encouraging her to grow you see.
She is in fact smaller than a beach ball but inside her little goat heart she feels tall!
How big is her nose? What’s her favorite pose?
You gentlemen make my day! Thanks Laura.

Alvin Chadwick

Reading through the other responses to Faintly pictures ,,,, it sounds as if another book would be in high demand … and I also liked the idea of a plush toy to accompany the book … all great ideas from your fans, including this one from Canada

SeanM. from Dorloo

Several people commented how you wrote of Faintly’s adventures in the style of Dr. Seuss.
Agreed, however, i was reminded of Richard Scary’s Busytown by Faintly travelling around town seeing “what people do all day”.

Linda Wilson

Please write a book or more about Faintly. My granddaughter would be over the moon. She is 5 1/2 and can read. She would be able to read to her younger brother. A little stuffed Faintly to go with the book would be even more wonderful 🙂 One day I will make it to Sharon Springs to see you all. You two are wonderful and I hope there is another show in the works.


Please turn the adventures of Faintly into a childrens book. I think this would be a FABULOUS idea.

Laura Rodd

Consider getting her hoof print as soon as possible, have it made into a rubber stamp to autograph the kid’s book you have to make! Faintly is an inspiration.

Angie Falzarano

Absolutely loved these. The fire truck and the chair are my favs!

Nina Mayleas

Faintly is fabulous!! A picture book is a must!! So is a plush replica, sales would rocket on both!! Kisses to Faintly and Polka Spot too!!

Sheilah Buettner

Is Faintly bigger than the joy brought by these adorable pictures…not even close!


Definitely need to make this a children’s book!! Want one for our grandsons. Promise….we’ll buy it.

Barbara Christesen

I hope you’ll be taking advance orders for the farm tour at the Harvest Festival…it will be IMPOSSIBLE to get tickets now that Faintly is there!

Meri-K Chase

I agree with Judy, there must be a book made out of these adorable pics and prose.

Stacey Wojciechowski

Just wanted to thank you & faintly for stopping by our firehouse. You are welcome anytime.
thank you, Stacey Wojciechowski

Judy Sirena

I’m so enjoying the “Adventures of Faintly” Is there a book in the making? I assume Faintly will be a permanent fixture at Beekman 1802. Public Appearances? The new face of “The Fabulous Beekman Boys”


I’m not sure what I enjoyed more… Faintly’s journey or just getting to see Sharon Springs. Thanks to Faintly and you guys for sharing her adventure.

Iris Mead

I love Faintly! Keep showing pictures of her, please. Sorry I missed her when I visited the Black Cat two weeks ago.

Monica H

I LOVE the picture of her on the chair. Very cute! Keep the pictures coming.