Beekman 1802 Muck Boots are available now! Either at the Beekman 1802 Mercantile or from The Original Muck Boot.


We take everything that we design and produce at Beekman 1802 VERY seriously.

It took us seven years of research, wearing our muck boots all around the world (literally!), to come up with what we think is the PERFECT pair of boots—made for walking… and everything else!

Here’s how we created a boot that works no matter where life takes you:


The Muck B. 1802 is a fully functional boot…

The boot is completely waterproof and constructed to endure years of hard use in both rural and urban terrain.


But it’s still stylish…

Fully functional boots can be clunky, and because we think a boot has to make whatever you’re wearing look good, we made a few changes.

  • We removed some of the rubber overlays to reduce the overall weight of the boot and used a different last to give these boots a slimmer profile.
  • The shaft of the boot is supple and flexible to fit even those (like Brent) with more muscular calves and is covered with a protective high-gloss rubber overlay so that it looks sleek and slimming.
  • We kept the aesthetic elements of the boot to a minimum so that the boot truly could work with whatever you happen to be wearing and suitable for men & women.

And probably the most hi-tech shoe you’ll own…

Because we are working with the Original Muck Boot Company, we were able to incorporate the very latest technology including:

  • A lightweight EVA outsole with specially designed rubber pods for optimal traction and support
  • CR-Foam and etc sockliner to make the boot comfortable and cushiony
  • and BEST OF ALL, the boot is lined with the patented Xpresscool lining so that your foot never gets hot and sweaty. You don’t even need to wear socks!



Beekman 1802 Muck Boots are available now! Either at the Beekman 1802 Mercantile or from The Original Muck Boot.

by Josh and Brent

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Boots sound great! I love your picture. It almost looks like Josh is from the past and Brent is from the future. Very cool! Love your hair that way Brent and Josh you look very professorial in the hat.

Lou W.

Presently own four pairs of Muck boots….various styles / heights and have been wearing Mucks for over a decade….might just have to get a fifth pair. Love ’em!

Gwendalynn Brockdorff

Yes!!! I am Calf challenged and could really use a functional boot like this, that doesn’t necessarily make me look as cankle-y.

Catherine Cushman

I have huge calves! What is the measurements for the calf area? I wear a ladies size 10. Also what is the length of the boot? I’m short too. Having a hard time finding muckers that fit!

Bonnie Moon

would like to purchase your muckers, can not find the cost & how to order