Sometimes traveling back to where it all began is an important part of reflecting on where you’re at now and where you should go.

Enjoy this photo tour of our time in Eden.



by Josh and Brent

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Linda Turner

We watch travelogues of other countries but they miss representing the similarities to our own. Yes, we go particularly to see fresh vistas and learn about other cultures, but when you are there you realize how much we all really have in common. The best part of a trip to China was staying in a local hotel and looking out the window each morning to see them start the day much like we do…I was surprised at first, and then thought well, they are not so different. All of our fancy homes and gadgets aren’t what makes us a society…but the women making those incredible pieces of jewelry from simple materials and singing together who welcomed you to their world are so much more in touch with life than we. We are all glad that you two were the ambassadors of our country…and also for Jane, who started it for you.

Eve Stavros

I was fortunate to visit Kenya last year – Nairobi, Aberdare National Park, Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivashu, the Masai Mara. It was life-changing, from seeing the amazing scenery and animals, to meeting the wonderful people. Thank you for sharing your voyage of discovery and reminding us we are all world brothers and sisters.

Burndett Andres

I have truly enjoyed the pictures (and captions) you’ve shared about your trip to Africa and greatly appreciate your taking the time to do so. What a lovely, inspiring way to start my week. Thanks very much. Truly. XOXO

Linda Dudzienski

Breath-Taking! It makes one realize why Africa is so important to our beginning and our survival.


As I said on another comment, I visited the Samburu in 1999. I still have two bracelets made for me by the tribeswomen. This was in the days before digital photography so there wasn’t instant access to photos. I simply couldn’t wait till I was home and could get all mine developed.

Sheila DeTurk

Fantastic photos, I have been to Africa and you captured the warmth of the people, aw-inspiring landscape and amazing animals. Thank you for sharing these photos and your experiences.


What wonderful pictures, and what a wonderful experience that must have been! I am so happy you guys are getting to make so many awesome memories, and that Brent is finally learning to relax and take breaks! But with the money and Josh being able to be at the farm full-time, I guess that has taken quite a bit of the pressure off him! So glad of that! You gutshave so many irons in the fire, it is very important to take time out and really enjoy the fruits of your labor. I think the world of you both and wish there could be a million more like you. It would be a much better world. Wishing you continued sucess, good times, and a treasure-trove of cherished memories.

Beverly Nan Murphy

They are so beautiful, the children especially and their vibrant colors says so much about them. Those cormorant nests are architectural wonders. All I can say is a quote from
Dr. Seuss,, “Oh the places you’ll go and the things you will see!” All your world views must have changed and how wonderful that is. Thanks so much for allowing us to tag along.xx