In the April 2013 issue of OUT, editor Aaron Hicklin profiled Beekman 1802 in an article with the exceptionally clever title Mind Your Manors. 

To accompany the essay, photographer Alec Hemer captured a rare glimpse of the interiors of the Beekman farmhouse.   What we love about having a photographer visit is that they always look at the farm in a way that we haven’t.  To have someone examine your environment so intimately is like seeing your world through an entirely new set of eyes.

Take a look at these exclusive images that DIDN’T make the final edits… and welcome to our world.




To read the article and see more images from the photo shoot, click here

To see more of Alec’s photography, click here

by Josh and Brent

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Sandy S.

Fabulous photography! What a nice keepsake and helps you get past all of us who want a home tour… at least we have it in photos!

And you both are so durn cute!!


I am so pleased for you both. It is nice to see a true sparkle in your eyes. And Josh, I can tell you are sooooooo much happier now. You guys deserve all the best.

jeda (jpdf)

Beautiful people and beautiful home, with lots of history and full of love! :* Thank you very much for sharing! 🙂

Jenny R

Awww, if these didn’t make the cut the ones that did must be spectacular. I love Brent kissing the goats – adorable.


These photos are the epitome of love, life and laughter. Thank you for sharing!