The “flagship” in naval terms was the lead ship in a fleet of vessels, typically the first, largest, fastest, most heavily armed, or best known and usually carried the admiral’s flag.

The building that is now the home of the flagship Beekman 1802 Mercantile is an integral part of Main Street in Sharon Springs.

Built circa 1850, the Italianate structure was originally located several blocks north near the intersection of Pavilion and Main Streets where it operated as a mercantile. In 1894, the Village purchased the building and moved it to its present location just across the street from The American Hotel.

During the 20th Century many shared the space: the basement was the Village jail until 1915; the community used the upstairs for town hall meetings, dances, and dinners; the Sharon Springs Free Library [the very first library in Schoharie county] moved into the downstairs back room in 1910; and the Fire Department housed its trucks in the front of the building until 1964.  After the fire trucks moved to new quarters, the Library expanded its space and the Village offices took over the rest.  Most recently it was an art gallery.

The building is on the New York State’s Register of Historic Places and the National Register.

At Beekman 1802, understanding history is important to us.  It’s involved in every story we tell and every product we design.  But just as important as understanding history is making history.

When deciding where to invest in creating a flagship store, there was no question that it would be on the same Main Street where we first started, where William Beekman first established his original Mercantile over 200 years ago. The contemporaries that we looked to for inspiration were companies like Kohler, Vermont Country Store, Orvis, LL Bean and Stonewall Kitchen all of whom started in small, out-of-the-way places and even as they grew remained committed to those communities.

Now those stores serve as tourist draws to those communities, and with more tourist traffic comes more resources for every other business in those small towns.

We promise that our flagship will always have something that will delight, that will inspire, and that will enchant.

And as any flagship should, we hope that it will guide you to Sharon Springs time and time again.




Until you can make it to Sharon Springs, you can visit our online shop by clicking here.


by Dr. Brent

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Suzi Andersson Blucher

The basket cake carrier is WONDERFUL!, Please put it in your on line store. Please, Please.

David Ross

I was hoping to see some mens shaving soap and a cup in your new line.

Linda Turner

Wow…I remember my dad putting on shaving soap/creme with a white wooden handled shaving brush with black bristles! He’d even let me ‘paint’ it on when I was little! He’d model it into a beard and act like Santa!

Amy Smith Wexler

Promise that I can help you open you Boston store? Since this is the “flagship” you know there is room for more all over the country. Newbury Street in Boston would be perfect!

Linda Turner

And the history of Sharon Springs goes on with your beautiful ‘recycling’ of this building! The state just tore down our old general store, turn of the century auto repair building, and a little stone blacksmith shop at the main intersection in our little town….to be replaced by a traffic circle…we will now have to recount our childhood memories of those places with photos. I am so glad and honored to have friends like you (and Doug and Garth, and all of the others in your village doing the same) who respect and treasure the dignity of the past, while creating a new tradition for future generations by re-using old things. Many kudos and wishes for your continued success!

Sean from Dorloo

How difficult was it to renovate being that the building is on the Historic Registy? Aren’t there a lot of restrictions? There IS a difference, i guess, between Renovation as opposed to Restoration…

Kit Mitchell

As with all things Beekman 1802, the mercantile looks fabulous. With deepest praises to you and your team for your steadfast determination to build an honorable brand, full of the regions best, touched by your own vision and style.
Kit Mitchell


I had a great day at the Garden Party festival! Part of that experience was a visit to the new mercantile. I love the new store and grassy stairs! Congratulations on a job well done! What is next?????!

Cheryl Belle

One of the most pleasant things this past Spring Festival weekend was the ‘gathering place’ on the grassy steps of the mercantile. We chatted with the nicest people there!


You guys did a beautiful job of restoring it !!! Can’t wait to see it at the Harvest Fest this year !!

Dorothy Hayes

If the hall could talk, it would say thank you. Both of you have given life back to the hall and all of Sharon Springs. Thank you for taking us along with you.


We started a major home renovation on our 1860s farmhouse around the same time you started your mercantile renovation. You have finished first (hmmm… where have we heard that about the two of you before?) Congratulations! I hope you are flying from the beauty of it and the sense of accomplishment. If you find you miss the process, we could always use a Beekman style consult 🙂

Looking forward to more photos when you have rested.

FaithAnn Young

So proud of you guys and all your hard work! Thanks for making our hometown even more special than it already was! Now more people know of it’s charm!


Congratulations of the new flagship store. The building will be a beacon in Sharon Springs. What a fantastic job bringing your dream to a reality!


That little building looks very proud and happy after its makeover. Great job!

James Ellis

Your respect for the historical romance in all you produce and sell is wonderful. You continued that branding with the care and respect you have shown in the restoration of a beautiful structure to house Beekman 1802. Congratulations!

Cathy Runkle

We stopped in from California last week, the New Mercantile is very handsome! Of course we had to get some supplies to bring back home with us. I admired all of the workmanship that was evident in the remodel. Lots of Love & Care!
Dave & I “discovered” Sharon Springs a few years before you and Josh. We were intrigued and loved exploring around. We are so thrilled to see your little town coming to life one new shop at a time!
Did you decide to create a “guest book” for the store? I think guest register’s are neat because they too can become a little piece of history! And when you’re away from the store we “fans” can leave you special notes!
Good Luck with all of your Dreams!


I’m so envious of those out East who visited the flagship store. Added it to my list of vacations musts.

sue tolbert

There has never been any doubt in my mind that ‘anything’ Beekman
will be a success. One must remember the two Admiral’s guiding this fleet. sue t.

Susan Albetski

It will “always have something that will delight, that will inspire, and that will enchant”. Why yes it will Brent, it will have both of you.

Pauline Tripp

I was there today and you guys did a great job. love the store and all that you sale. so glad you are in town.

Cindy Gollmann

Could you please post pictures of the inside when finished for those of us who can’t come visit for awhile.

Nina Elizabeth

Absolutely Beautiful! I have watched you guys from the beginning, bought all of the books, cheered you on to 1 Million Dollars… you guys have always made me feel as though I’ve “been a part” of your success! Celebrating YOU TWO!!!