Recently we learned that nearby State University of New York at Delhi had one of the only state university culinary/hospitality programs that offered ice carving as an elective for students. (And not only ice…butter, vegetables, fruit, chocolate & pastry as well!) We made a mental note to visit to see firsthand for ourselves…and maybe try our hand at some carving ourselves.

Our “mental note” turned into a “must do now” when we were invited to join the students following their ice carving class for a dinner at the school’s student-run restaurant, Signatures. Umm…ice carving followed by an amazing five course meal that only costs $30? Sign us up. Often. (The restaurant is open to the public. We highly recommend it as an amazing date night spot…and your date won’t even have to know you only spent $60.)


Check out the slide show below to learn all that we did about the art of ice carving, and see Brent not cut off any digits.

Special thanks for our special day to David C. Brower, Hospitality Department Chair & Professor, Instructor James Margiotta, CEC; Students Patrick McIntee, Caitlin Jones & Jessica Monahan; and all of the students and faculty who prepared and served our meal, as well as our fellow dinner guests.



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  • By: Centralia Heart

    Nice Job! Of course I am really sick of ice and snow right now and would not go looking to find more. On a really hot summer day, however……..

  • By: Jane

    Hey there I just noticed something…… Is the 8 upside down? ( tee hee hee). You are still fabulous and I still love it!!!!

  • By: Kate's Daughter

    Wow! That looks really nice! You two never fail to find some spectacular new thing to come up with.

  • By: Jane

    How long do you think it will last? I would love to see it. Are you going to do it again when it will last longer?

    • By: Dr. Brent

      Unless we are in a deep freeze the sculptures really won’t last more than a day if temps are above freezing. We may do something again next winter—you just never know what we’re going to dream up at Beekman 1802

      • By: Jane

        ….and that adds to the “fabulousity”! Way to go!

  • By: Teri Smith

    Very nice !!! What a great way to brighten up an already too long winter !!

  • By: darcell

    Is there anything you can’t do? How wonderful! Everything you touch turns to gold. What a deal $30 for a five course meal.

  • By: nlforst

    Oh wow that looks absolutely fabulous. Great job to all those students!

  • By: Lisa Stone

    This was completely fascinating. I admire how you spend so much time discovering the hidden gems in your area. We could all learn to appreciate the little-known delights in our own backyard more. Thanks for sharing this!

  • By: Sandy S.

    WOW!!! You guys did that during your FIRST class? That’s awesome! And oddly enough, after this F-F-F-Freezing winter, you probably wish it would be really cold for a few extra days since you have this out front now! (but don’t tell anyone you are hoping for that!)

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