Hereʼs the dilemma. The dining room of 204 Main Street restaurant is about 60ʼ long, by 24ʼ wide. The ceiling is 11ʼ high with the beautiful pressed tin ceiling completely intact. Floors are hardwood, walls are beadboard or sheetrock. Chairs are bentwoods, tables wood slab.

In other words, LOTS of hard surfaces. Lots of surfaces for sound to bounce off of.

Everything from the clatter of plates, to the LCD Soundsystem coming out of the “box”, to the chatter of patrons anticipating their next course. It all added up to a bit of a din. On top of that, there was a large void on the main wall of the dining room that needed something of interest. “Soft art” is not often called for, but this was a space that needed it. Something to absorb sound but at the same time be visually interesting.

Here’s the solution:

Using wool felt as a medium, we constructed a large wallhanging of cork and industrial wool felt. It measures 10ʼ x 4ʼ and hangs in the middle of the dining room. Between the different densities of the wool felt, and the natural sound dampening qualities of the cork, a happy medium has been reached between visual art and functional sound dampening.

Simple, and to the point, the way we like it.


NOTE:  This is also a great idea to use in a media room, children’s room, garage or any place where you need to reduce noise in a stylish way


Jim & Norm are the owners of 204 Main Street in Sharon Springs, NY.  They believe in good food and good design.  They’ve been CERTIFIED FABULOUS, and will be contributing ideas whenever inspiration hits them.

by 204 Main

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