Beekman 1802 partnered with Country Inns & Suites to re-design their hotel amenities (that’s how our new White Water Collection was created!). It’s a great partnership because we both agree that everyone deserves (and needs!) a little bit of luxury in their day

To celebrate the launch they constructed a luxury glamping (glamour + camping) experience right here on Beekman Farm. A lucky family from Duluth, MN, won the opportunity to stay on the farm.

You can see the pictures and get the building plans for the amazing clamping experience Country Inns & Suites built on the farm below, but here are 8 other easy ways you can add a little glamor to your summer backyard camping:

  1. Pack a gourmet dinner. Burnt hot dogs on sticks are nice, but bring one nice meal of fancy cheese, cured meats, olives & champagne.
  2. Load up the iPad with movies & TV shows. The great outdoors is great. But a little binge watching in the middle of a rainy week of camping can help keep you sane.
  3. Battery Operated “Chandelier.” String up some battery operated holiday lights and plastic crystal pendants on the inside of your tent.
  4. Martha-Worthy S’mores. Before you leave, make your own homemade marshmallows and purchase some super-high-quality dark chocolate for s’mores you might actually want s’more of.
  5. It’s All About Having the Right Shoes. Maybe you want to leave your heels at home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring some bling into the wilderness. Search online for sequined flip-flops. Comfy and classy (and cheap enough to be ruined.)
  6. Perfume. Just cuz ya’ don’t smell good doesn’t mean you can’t smell good. Bring along a little of your favorite scent.
  7. Scented Wipes. Bathing can be a bit of a luxury in the woods. So for those “in between shower days,” try a great natural wipe. (Like Beekman 1802 wipes, of course.)
  8. Quadruple Quilted. You can cheap out on the TP at hope. But when you’re a bear in the woods..treat yourself to some super-luxe, no layers spared, cottony soft bath tissue.

Check out these great glamping tents Country Inns & Suites put up at Beekman 1802 Farm…


And here’s a pdf of the renderings so you can build your own glamping tent!




by Josh and Brent

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I recommend UNscented wipes for in-between shower cleanup. Trust me on this one. The perfumes in scented wipes will build up on you and smell cloying, and can sometimes attract unwanted attention from insects, or even bigger wildlife.


Hi, the link to Scribd doesn’t actually have blueprints, just detailed computer renderings of the tents. Is that a mistake? The article suggests that it would have actual blueprints/building plans…

Ed, Heidi and Dr. Kait McNamara

Now that’s camping with style and class! So much for roughing it! Now if we can develop a, “Glamp In Theater” just like the old days with drive in’s. This could be big and why not, in Sharon Springs, NY! You have got it all right there!!! Sorry we missed you last weekend and hope to catch up with you at the Harvest Festival this fall!