When Brent gets an idea in his head, it doesn’t stay there very long–he brings it to life.

One day last year he went to the mailbox at the end of the driveway at Beekman 1802 Farm and pulled out the latest catalog from Mackenzie-Childs.

Mackenzie-Childs was founded in 1983 when two free-spirited artists took over an old farm in Aurora, NY.  Much like Beekman 1802, they used the farm as a source of creative inspiration.  In 1995, the artists were re-purposing an old wardrobe cabinet and hand-painted a border along the top of alternating black and white squares.  This pattern ultimately morphed into the Courtly Check pattern that today is recognizable around the world.

Beekman 1802 is known around the world for the scents creatively inspired by our farm in Sharon Springs, NY.

Brent thought to himself: Why can’t these two companies based in upstate NY be good neighbors and collaborate on a project that can represent the amazing things that are dreamed up in upstate NY every day?

He sent an email to Rebecca Proctor, the creative director of Mackenzie-Childs.

Our studio and main facility was once a dairy farm. In many ways we are still a farm; a farm where instead of producing milk, we grow art and beautiful things for your table. In this fundamental sense, we are farm to table,” she said.

The first result of this creative collaboration is the Good Neighbor hand-painted enamelware caddy.

We created an exclusive Flower Market scent for our goat milk soap and hand-lotions and Mackenzie-Childs created an exclusive Courtly Check enamelware caddy so that the bottles sit prettily next to your sink.

As a bonus, the caddy is oven-safe and can eventually be used to make individual desserts. We created two new flower-inspired recipes to get you started: a lemon lavender poppyseed cake and a rosewater creme brulee.

Josh says: Our company has been built one neighbor at a time, and upstate NY will re-build itself by companies and organizations working together to support one another.


Beekman 1802 + Mackenzie Childs | Good Neighbors


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  • By: Pamela C.

    It will be interesting to see how the collaboration of the ideas of these talented artisans will evolve. I am staying tuned.

  • By: Deborah Costa

    Have always loved MacKenzie-Childs designs since wandering into their NYC store back in the 1990s. Sad that they went away. So happy to see this. The Courtly Check is truly a signature design.

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