Congratulations to Emily Sferra and thanks to all for sharing.  Be on the lookout for another Beekman 1802 contest soon!


Our favorite thing about autumn is the crunch of fallen leaves and the faint scent of wood smoke in the air.  To celebrate the arrival of the new season at Beekman 1802, our friends at Serenity Health, are giving away this beautiful iron fire pit.

Imagine the glow!  Imagine the entertaining!  Imagine the s’mores!!!


To enter, simply tell us the ONE thing you love most about Autumn in the comments section below.  The winner will be selected using a random number generator.

by Josh and Brent

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Jen Greene

Long walks through crunchy leaves, hot chocolate by the fireplace wrapped in a blanket with my dog on my lap!


Fall colors, candles, and apples – I make a lot of applesauce and apple butter in the Fall so we can enjoy it at Thanksgiving and over the holidays. The house smells so good with all the apples and cinnamon cooking away on the range!

Crystal D-G in WA

The colors of the leaves! I LOVE autumn and how pretty the landscape looks.

Melissa Butler

Refreshingly cool, brisk air. Homemade soups that warm from within. My cat likes to cuddle with me, again.

Hilary Ash

Apple cider donuts (they HAVE to have cinnamon/sugar on the outside!) and the weather!


I live in Texas so Autumn lasts about 18 hours, but it’s a great 18 hours. Sometimes it even rains for a few minutes!


The autumn brings cool nights, pretty leaves and snuggles with the kids on the couch but the thing I love most is the rain here in Oregon. It replenishes the ground, plants and us and cleans the air.

ellen felsenthal

Mornings out at the barn. Heading out to feed the goats, sheep and horses while it’s crisp and clear is always a treat. I love seeing their breath, and watching their coats get woolier as the days get shorter.

Mary B

The beautiful colors and taking a “leaf peeping” drive to see them! So glad I live in New England this time of year.

Gerard Smith

I like how the air breathes with a crispness it didn’t have all summer and mother nature displays its color like a peacock displaying its feathers in an attempt to call attention to itself as if it is trying to ward off the pending winter for us.

Annie Lockwood

My favorite thing about Autumn are the slow braises for Sunday dinner, which waft through the house tantalizing my family for a feast at table to come.

Anna Kropp

The crisp fresh air filled with the scent of leaves. To lit candles and eat pumpkin bread. Only thing that I miss in my backyard is a fire pit to make my autumn day perfect!


The beautiful leaves. Crackling fires. Cool nights – I sleep the best this time of year.