Long before “The Millionaire Matchmaker” and before Sharon Springs became the setting for a reality TV show, it was a playground for the wealthy and the idle which made it the perfect setting for the George Cukor directed trifle, The Model and the Marriage Broker.

The movie summary:

Marriage broker Mae Swasey, who somewhat cynically arranges her loser clients’ affairs, meets model Kitty Bennett and can’t resist meddling in her life, by disentangling her from a married man and fixing her up with a nice radiologist. Of course things go wrong…

The movie came and went and was nearly forgotten—even by those who lived in Sharon Springs at the time of its premier.

Last year, FOX Studios started releasing select pieces from its film archive on DVD as part of its Fox Cinema Archives series.

The New York Times wrote:

Fox was the first studio to embrace the new realism that emerged after World War II, and this delicate 1951 comedy of loneliness gave the great George Cukor, on the rebound from nearly two decades of artificiality as an MGM contract director, a chance to explore the rarely depicted middle-class Manhattan of workday professionals. Jeanne Crain is the department store model whose inbred hauteur gets a healthy shake-up from a matchmaker (a nuanced Thelma Ritter) who believes she’d be better off with an X-ray technician (Scott Brady) than her married lover. Milton R. Krasner’s black-and-white studio photography blends nicely with some evocative Flatiron district location work in this handsome disc. Of the current batch of Fox Cinema Archive titles, this one is a real keeper.

So with the NYT weighing in, we guess we WILL keep it!

Let us remind you that if you visit Sharon Springs, you may just find your perfect match—if not in a mate then in a neighbor!

by Josh and Brent

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Nancy Pfau

Not really filmed in Sharon Springs but the Thelma Ritter character “goes to Sharon Springs” [the film shows an ersatz place with a placard claiming it is Sharon Springs!] and they talk about Sharon Springs several times so at the movie night in the park we all got to cheer loudly many times!

Terry Burns

Hi, all. will there be a film the following Friday (9 Aug)? we will be in town…