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What are your top 5 Beekman products?

This BeekGal loves all of the Beekman 1802 Products, but top five selections would be:

1. Triple Milk Formula! (never leave home without it!)

2. Blaak Goat Milk Facial Mist: It can be used as a toner, as a spritz to set makeup, or to refresh.

3. Lump of Kohl: Even though I’ve been on the good list, I still want Kohl.

4. Oak Moss Body Lotion: Scented with notes of Vetiver & Oak Moss, with a hint of warm Amber.

5. Blaak Cheese: The reason behind the edible black rind is always a great conversation starter at any dinner table.

What is your favorite scent that Beekman carries? 

My favorite Beekman scent is Oak Moss.

What is your favorite packaging?

I think that the gold foil-like embellishments on the Fig Leaf products are very attractive.

What Beekman gift would you like to gift to someone this year? To whom?

I would like to give a handsome friend a Davesforth Bar Soap because from it’s earthy peppercorn and leathery patchouli to the great body feel, it is a clean that is worthy of a distinguished gentleman.

What Beekman gift would you like to get this year?

Of all the Beekman Experiences that I would like the most, the top of the list is the another Triple Milk Collection because this is my go to home facial that keeps on giving great results and makes me feel more beautiful every day.

by Aray Till

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arlene chalker

I would love the Oak Moss Whipped Body Cream For Bus Driver she is on and off the bus all day and night helping use who are in wheel chair or like me a walker on to and off the bus in rain snow very hot or very cold she is so very nice. I have been doing this ever day and I do not ever know of Canada and enter this if not that is ok I would not of win anyway bad luck is my name lol lol lol lol I love the pure goats milk BUT I LOVE YOUR the soap and I got the e-mail so I entered MARRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND THAT IS THE DOG AND THE GOATS TO.

Linda Rice

I would love to try the beauty products named Beekman! Due to health issues, I’m not allowed to eat any dairy products. But the Black Cheese is calling my name!

Missy Gensimore

I would love to try the facial products, I will be coming up to the Mercantile in March.

Ernie Nolan

What a treasure trove of skin care products! This would be a specacular way to start the new year with a truly remarkable beauty regimen—and top it off with what sounds like a yummy and healthy cheese nibble. Great selections and a fun way to sample some of the Beekman Boys’ super products.

Andre Jines

Serafina is an energetic, animated and creative person. Most knowledgable on Beekman products.

Jeannie Goodsell

Everything looks so good. I am dying to try that cheese! I love all the facial products. Any of the above would be wonderful gifts!!!!!!!

Beth Mullen

Who would guess you could covet receiving a lump of Kohl for Christmas , no punishment there.