If you’ve ever called our Neighbor Services number, chances are that you’ve talked to Sam. She’s always ready, willing and able to step in and help out… whether it’s a team member in a bind or a Neighbor.

What are your top 5 Beekman products?

5. Beekman 1802 Hand Salve Grapefruit Honey – The hand salve is great for winter dry hands BUT it’s not just for your hands!  Using the salve gives a girl some flip flop freedom between pedicures.

4. Fig Leaf Whipped Body Cream – The Fig Leaf is one of our newest scents and it’s divine!  This scent matched with the luxurious feel of the Whipped Body Cream makes you feel fabulous and ready to start your day.

3. Beekman 1802 Happy Place Laundry Soap – Where was this stuff when I was cloth diapering my littles?  It’s works great, smells great, AND I feel confident that it’s not harming my kids!  On a side note… the Happy Place Multi-Surface Cleaner goes on cleaning binges with my seven year old.  She loves cleaning with it and I love having her clean!

2. Cinnamon Creamed Honey – I use in my no-bake monster ball recipe, tea, on toast with pumpkin butter and my kid’s oatmeal. Most recently, it went in our Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie.  Just another thing to be thankful for!

1. Beekman 1802 Pure Lip Balm – I pick up an extra every time I visit the Mercantile.  It is so soothing, lasts a long time and yet does not make you fiend for it when it’s time to re-apply.  I’ve been a lip moisturizer addict since 6th grade when I started playing trumpet. Believe me, I’ve tried EVERY lip moisturizer out there. I’m not even exaggerating when I say the Beekman Balm changed my life!  B.1802 Balm truly is the bomb!

What is your favorite scent that Beekman carries? 

It really depends on my mood. I tip toed into Beekman with Pure as I’m sensitive to scents. After finding out that Beekman 1802s scents agree with me (I can’t even walk past the perfume counter but I can happily spend hours in the Mercantile), I have fallen in love with Honeyed Grapefruit, Honey Orange Blossom and Fig Leaf.

What is your favorite packaging? 

The LIP BALM! I keep mine right in the fancy tube so it’s easier to find!

What Beekman gift would you like to gift to someone this year? To whom? 

The Alpaca Inserts for my SIL. She was wishing for some when I gave them to her husband last year. Beekman Goat Milk Bar Soap and Lotion for teacher gifts. The Lip Balms for everyone! Seriously, they’re the best!  For a hostess gift, the hand care caddy set or the Ghoast Maker Set with Ghoast Cheese. Little Mary’s Notenfruit for Santa!  He gets enough cookies!

What Beekman gift would you like to get this year?

Starry Night Handwoven Opera Shawl – It is a masterpiece, you can feel the love that goes into the shawl when you hold it.

by Aray Till

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Cindy Lee Sparks

Hi, Brent and Josh, we received our package (Blaak Cheese – 1 Wheel , a Ghoast Cheese Quarter and a can of Goat Poop!!!

Also, the signed picture of Farmer John was so cool, I taped it on our cupboard until I can find a nice frame for it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018 from Bruce and Cindy Lee Sparks in Nebraska!


These are wonderful! I am using the Happy Place soap, lotions and lip balms but would love to try the other products as well. Thank you both for your great products but most of all for your honesty and ethical business practices. Get some rest!!

Robin Haggerty

Love Love Love all your soaps and products God Bless you both And Meery Christmas Josh & Brent. Peace love and joy this holiday season 🌲☃✨

Elizabeth Koch

Beekman Goat Milk Bar Soap, Body & Hand Creams are just a few of my favorite things. I have not tried all the fragrances nor pure yet. I would be thrilled with the Pure Gift Set or anything Beekman as agift

Kate Currah

I’ve enjoyed and shared so many of my Beekman products. Your soaps, hand and body lotions are my favorites and of course it’s natural for me to share my favorite things with family and friends! The last of my holiday presents just went out to all parts of the country. Whether they receive my handmade “Blankets of Love”, or “Softest Socks of Love” each package contained one or two of your delicious products. My hand crocheted gifts and your (Cuticle oils,cream and hand lotions) go together like peas and carrots! WE are making many homes very happy this season.

Ernie Nolan

It looks like Sam’s selections will involve slathering up lots of body parts—hands, lips, and the whole body. It would be a good thing to begin the new year with renewed suppleness and to snuggle in against the cold to enjoy cinnamon creamed honey on toast. 2018 holds so much promise of happy times!

Debbie Oresco

I have always loved the opera shawl. It is absolutely gorgeous, I just stare at it and wish it were mine or that someone would get it for me at Christmas.

Susan Hebda

I would love to try the laundry soap – occasionally the soap I use now leaves my skin feeling itchy.

Judy Ward

I’d love to try the Hand Salve. Seems like no matter what I use my hands are still awful. And the Opera Shawl is just beautiful.

arlene chalker

I do not know if I can say the lotions and salve if it is my skin is so dry if I rub my army and legs it looks like it is snowing all year round lol. if I can not put it in place of the lip balm would be grate

arlene chalker

I know all your scents are very nice and I wish I could use them but I an not I LOVE anything that is pure goat the baby goat packaging so cute I would love to give the starry night handwoven opera shawl to my sister in law and I would love the pure lip balm


The lotions and salve would be wonderful for my dry winter skin. Then I could cuddle up in the shawl. 😄

Pam Kelty

Those Alpaca inserts look divine, I work in a warehouse that is freezing, to say the least. Feet are the first to go. These would be perfect.

Debbie Baker

Hi Neighbors! I am hoping to try some of your fabulous products! I have given them, but never had them for myself!
They all look and sound amazing and I would be honored and excited to try any of them!

Deborah A Bukszar

Dear Beekman Boys,

Love watching your Marathon this evening! Love being taken to a Happy Place right from my living room.

I sent you an e-mail, and I hope you receive it. All of the Beekman Skin Products have made my skin so much better; no more itching, scratching, or redness. Thank you so much.


I love the Beekman products. Been ordering them for years. The hand creams are great and also the body wash. I haven’t tried the goat poop yet but bought several tins for the neighbor gifts

Melody Ramsey

The shawl and alpaca inserts look amazing and fit for a queen! I have tried everything else but would love to get my paws on the warm and cozy inserts and shawl. And can’t wait to try the fig leaf scent!!!Love the book that came with the Snow Forest bounty box – my dogs wonder why I’m laughing out loud ❤️


I would love to try anything from Beekman 1802! The whipped body cream that Sam likes sounds interesting, I would want to gift it to my sister too.

Patricia Gumulauski

Thank you boys for your gift with our Bounty Box. I really appreciate you guys. I’m 69 and I love all of your body creams and soaps. I’m diabetic and the products keep my skin so soft. I received my 2 Christmas ornaments yesterday and I hung them on my tree near my 2 ornaments from last year. They are so pretty. I have your hand creams and I love them . I have a little bit of everything you have, and I love when your’e on Evine. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you Josh and Brent, and farmer John.

Joyce Brasure

Thank you boys for the gift with purchase.I received the bounty box today and was absolutely delighted .The packaging was soooo nice.It was very expensive looking.Perfect for gift giving.I have been very pleased with all of my holiday purchases from Berkman.Family noticed a difference in their skin with the first use of product.Keep up the good work.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year neighbors☺

Laura Campbell

I love her picks did not know about the shawl.You learn something new everyday is what i say.

Raquel Litherland

I love the packaging on the lip balms as well! I would love anything from Beekman as well.

Margaret K. Macali

Way to go Sam! I too love the cinnamon creamed honey, the lip balms and the Happy Place multi-surface cleaner. The fig leaf whipped body cream is a Christmas gift for myself, but not yet tried.
My favorite anything is the Beekman 1802 story and how the farm has spread beyond its borders to include all of us neighbors who buy their products. All of my gift recipients this year will be added to the neighborhood.
Blessings to you Sam and the entire Beekman family.


favorite sent is grapefruit or orange. Product, well that is a tough one. Lip balm, Hand lotion, Body Cream, BAR SOAP for sure, Eye cream, Body Lotion, Cuticle Cream, Can I choose one over the other, Sorry No can Do. You all cornered the market as far as i am concerned. Gifts for all my friends come from your company. To give anything else would be embarassing.

I am glad you two created this company. It is your commitment and standards of quality that has me hooked. LOVE to you Both. and special thanks to Farmer John 🙂 🙂 and your many neighbors that have helped you become what you are today.

Margaret Pickering (aka Princess Maggie)

I had the pleasure of communicating with Sam when I wrote in with a complaint about an order I purchased as a gift. She was so gracious in explaining that I had caused the problem I was complaining about. I even received a discount code, which I thanked her for but explained wasn’t necessary, as I’m hopelessly addicted to Beekman products. I actually keep buying things thinking there will be one of them I don’t like. Amazingly, it hasn’t happened yet. Happy Holidays to every living thing at Beekman 1802.

Linda Rice

I love everything Beekman! My favorite this time is the shawl…beautiful! But I would accept anything Beekman! Oh yea, I could really use some lip balm!

Marla Mathews

LIP BALM is the Bomb! I keep a tube on her nightstand, along with other various spots. However my last thought at night on my to do list before I go to sleep is to slather my lips with the lip balm.

Ps: I am starting a fling with the cuticle balm, sorry lip balm.

Marla Mathews

LIP BALM is the BOMB! I keep a tube on my nightstand among other various locations. However, the last thing on my “to do list” every night is to treat my lips to the worlds best lip balm!
Thanks neighbors!

Ps: I am starting a fling with the cuticle conditioner on the side, sorry balm!

Dana S

I love all of your Beekman products, my favourites are the whipped body cream (so luxurious💕) and the lip balms. I would love to win either! Merry Christmas 🎄🎁🎉

Lynne Dugdale

I would love anything from Beekman 1802. My latest favorite is one of my first favorites that I received in my first Bounty Box. Apricot honey tea!! I share it with everyone so they can learn about Beekman 1802 and smell wonderful and feel soft!! Beekman 1802 is the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!😀😀😀

Patricia Schwerkolt

I love all your products and would be happy with any of them! I love the new fig leaf scent. I also am in love with linden because it reminds me of when I was little and my Dad would get a box of soap from the Zep tool man. It has that wonderful smell 😊 my whole body is better since using your products and I always share them with others….


Pure goat milk whipped body cream, for my dry, flaky husband would be my choice. Better to give than to receive.