Ryan started out at Beekman 1802 as our retail manager at the Mercantile, moved to wholesales and is now part of our digital marketing team as Team Beekman grows. He is known by some of our Neighbors as DJ Hotpocket from his days of spinning the one’s and two’s during events at the Mercantile. We’re still trying to unearth some of the photos of his alter persona.

What are your top 5 Beekman products?

1. Ghoast Cheese: Ghoast is a raw, aged cheese made from 100% goat milk from Farmer John’s best milkers.

2. Chewey Gooey Caramels: One a day will keep the sweet tooth away… except that I can never have just one.

3. Pure Goat Milk Lip Balm: Much like Brent, I’m addicted to lip balm.

4. Gentleman Goat Farmer Long Sleeve Tee: It might be because I’m biased, after all, I’m the artist behind the Gentleman Goat Farmer portrait.

5. Trip of a Lifetime (I want to go to Peru!)

What is your favorite scent that Beekman carries? 

Love the Davesforth Shave Bar.

What is your favorite packaging?

I’m digging the Happy Place line. I think the overall vibe hits the mark spot on for inspiring happy feelings with a very kid/pet friendly honest appeal.

What Beekman gift would you like to gift to someone this year? To whom?

Trip of a Lifetime Peru to Kaitlyn (his girlfriend)

What Beekman gift would you like to get this year?

Trip of a Lifetime!!


by Aray Till

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Cheryl Geller

Love the t-shirt, but haven’t used any body products yet. Not sure where to start. What do you suggest?

Darleen Klepeis

My favorite products are the lip balms, soaps , hand lotions in orange, honey apricot and oak moss. Also the great thick rich body lotion. I would love to gift my son with the new snow scent soap and the wonder mint lip balm. For myself I would love to try more of your floral sprays and your Carmel sauce and goat poop

Patricia Castaldi

No contest..I have to try the Ghoast cheeese! LOVE the Blaak cheese but my next foray into the cheeses of Beekman will be Ghoast along with the Ghoast cheese shaver, I hope.


Hello to all of Santa’s helpers in Sharon Springs!!! You are all doing such a great job for the rest of the world to enjoy Beekman 1802. Your products have made a true difference for my skin. I am addicted to telling everyone to please give them a try.
I would love to give your laundry soap to a local nursing home for their laundry room to try for the residents. Maybe this would be a dynamic opportunity for Beekman 1802 to help the skin care of seniors, who many are forgotten. Wouldn’t that be something!!!
For myself I would love the long sleeve t-shirt. I hand paint t-shirts and would love to wear this while I am creating.
Keep hoofing forward and never ever ever change. You guys are beautiful. What an inspiration for so many of us who have lost favorite careers. Honestly. Your life is a positive reminder that we can and will survive the ups and downs. Thank you for being so honest and sharing your lives with all of us.Truly!!!

Martha Barnhill

Well,I am a neighbor for sure and hooked for life!!! Love Love Love Everything I buy and sometimes it is too hard to give the items away, LOL! I have gone from the wipes to the cookies since I started with my purchases..and I gotta tell ya, I am NEVER disappointed! Thank you both ,Farmer John,and for all the others who help you in Sharon Springs for the wonderful items you keep making us….. please keep up the great job. America needs more of you. Merry Merry and Happy Happy ……..and I love watching the goat live, thanx!!!

Debbie Baker

Hi Neighbor, I would love love love to have the goat tshirt in large for my son and Happy Place laundry wash for him also!

therese remy

my husband has a 1959 restored british green morris minor truck. and you cookie jaar reminded me exactly of how it looks. so we have it sitting on a shelf next to a picture of the morris minor. thank you for having such a fun gift for me to present to my hubby this year. therese


Anyway to enter your lovely contest with out going on
Facebook? Not everyone choose’s to be on or use Facebook!

Sherry Hammond

I think we have just about every body product available. We love every thing that we have tried. We have the laundry soap and love it. We are hooked on Beekman. I think I like the 8 body cream because I use the box in my craft room to hold misc. items. My husband gave me the rolll on scents for my birthday. I can’t wait to empty the tin so that I can use that in my craft room also. We use the shampoo bars every day … the soap and the creams. The lather!!!.. LOVE it all.

Laura Campbell

I have to say the caramels but I like the T shirt too.Learned something new that he is the artist as well.

Gloria Sweeney

I love all your Staff Picks and the way you have package them!
I have been following you guys since you had your TV program and I also was so happy when you won the Amazing Race! I love to see how you have expanded and grown through the years!
Happy Holidays!

Susan Miller Vetalena

I would like the goat cheese. Why you ask? Well i am a lover of goat cheese and i think yours would be devine. The lip balm is fantastic for gifting. That is one of the Beekman items i am giving way this season. Favorite scent is honeyed grapefruit


Looove the lip balm. Can’t wait to try the soap and lotion. Hoping my husband will enjoy the shaving bar. Laundry soap? Oh man…..I want them all.

Kathleen Robertson

Would love to gift the Chewy Gooey Caramels and the Pure Goat Milk Lip Balm

Deborah A Bukszar

I love the packaging, but once we open the items, we’re in love all over again!!!! My husband got the hand cream in original, and also the wipes, because he does alot of outdoor work, and his hands were dry and sore! After just a few days, they became soft and didn’t hurt at all.

We also bought Goat Poop for our son’s birthdays – such adorable packaging. Love you guys!