At Team Beekman, there are a lot of different personalities with preferences and taste. New this year, we will be spotlighting the team members and their picks for Holiday Gifting this season! First one is Maria who is loved by everyone (Pete included) and is our USPS expert. She has been with Beekman from the beginning and has incredible institutional knowledge on all the Beekman 1802 products.


What are your top 5 Beekman products?
My top 5 Beekman products are:
1. The hand and body lotions (Apricot, Vanilla, Oak Moss, Grapefruit and Orange) Pete will always buy me one for my Birthday or Anniversary and sometimes, just because. Which by the way is my favorite reason, because I’m not expecting it at all!! 😉 The scent of the lotions last a long time and I get to choose a different scent almost every day of the week if I want to.
2. The Beekman Pierced Tin Lanterns are really neat looking and one of them would look really neat in our house. (subtle hint for Pete…)
3. I love the original Pasta Sauce and the Four Cheese Pasta Sauce flavors the best. When we make a dish to pass at our church dinners, I always get compliments on what I made with the Pasta Sauce.
4. I love my Tools-for-Living bag (there was a monogram error made on it, so I bought it for myself) It really holds up and you never have to worry about the handle breaking, I’ve used it several times and I love how sturdy it is.
5. Megan’s Appalachian gourmet trail mix! When I was working long hours between the Post Office and the Beekman Warehouse; that trail mix would keep me going!!!


What is your favorite scent that Beekman carries?
 The Vanilla Absolute is such a clean, fresh scent. It’s not too strong and all people seem to like the scent.


What is your favorite packaging? 
 My favorite packaging is anything that has a vintage look to it. Many of the original packaging that we had on our soaps that Josh worked so hard to create, will always be my favorites!


What Beekman gift would you like to give to someone this year? To whom? 
 I have and will continue to give my Mother and my sisters the caddy sets in their favorite scents. My Mom likes the Pure Caddy Set,  as she has allergies to most scents. My sister Annie loves the Vanilla and my sister Lisa loves the Violet and Grapefruit. She also loves the scent of the White Water lotion that I bought her for her birthday this year. We have expert gift wrapping helpers at the store that make every Beekman gift look extra special. All of the girls there make it so easy to find the perfect combination of gift basket ideas! I also love the looks on my mother and sister’s faces when they see that pretty Beekman 1802 bag!


What Beekman (product/experience) gift would you like to get this year?
 Anything Pete wants to give me is fine, He has really good taste and he knows what I like. Two months ago I would have said anything chocolate, but sadly sugar and I are no longer friends. Pete is very thoughtful and he is my favorite Beekman 1802 everything!
by Aray Till

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Rita Ehrmann

I’m with Maria, I like the Beekman Pierced Tin Lanterns. They have that old fashion look that I like. I also like Tools-for-Living bag. I like the fact that it is multi functional.

Alice Mickiewicz

Every product is so special, right down to all the boxes and packaging
The wax box o the hair bar I the coolest idea

Patricia Gumulauski04

I love all the Bounty Boxes– they are so beautiful. When you open them and see all the products inside,it almost takes your breath away. I’m so glad I’m on auto delivery for the Bounty Boxes.
Next I love the soap. They smell so good and work great. The packaging is so beautiful. I love watching you Josh and Brent. Merry Christmas to all of you (goats included)


I just want some Christmas Cheer. We just lost my hubby’s mom last week. Now we haven’t any more parents. Mine died in 2012 and his dad passed in Feb. on my Birthday. I just want my Joy back.


I have ordered SO much Beekman1802 product this year….Every product has been exceptional. I love the soaps, body creams, lotions, and they keep coming up with more wonderful items….My skin has never felt better! Keep up the good work….

S. Klepper

So many to choose from. My wife order a few but I want to give her some additional products as a gift.

Darleen Klepeis

Hi Beekman boys, thank you so much for the book! It is really nice to get a gift from you! I love everything you make. I try something every time you bring new things! Have ordered lots if your new things for Christmas for friends and for me! Love the hand salve makes my hands look great! Can’t wait to try perfumes! And snow soap! Love you guys

Ashley Branch

I am a teacher in a very small school in Texas (97 students Pre-K through 12). I keep several Beekman products on my desk at all times. Students, especially in the winter months, come into class asking for my famous goat lotion. They absolutely love it! I recommend your products wherever I go. Our stockings will be full of a variety of Beekman products this year. We’ll have everything from Blaak cheese to goat poop. Can’t wait to come to Sharon Springs someday and see the mercantile in person!

Darleen Klepeis

I really love orange and Oak Moss scents. I love the hand lotions, the soaps, the lip balm s. I use these three things every day. I also now use the face creams and the body lotions . I would love to send a friend the Christmas bounty box to a friend. I got mine yesterday and I love the new scent! I love the look of the goat packaging they are so cute!

Nancy Byerly

I am an old OR nurse and my hand reflect it. I have to admit I did not really expect any more from the hand creams I ordered than what I have experienced from any other hand product. What a pleasant surprise! On the first application my hands just drank up that softness! I purchased Sea Moss and Fresh Air. I have already been using the laundry soap and it is fantastic. I also purchased the Bountiful Christmas Box to break down as gift. It was so difficult for me to gift these products because I loved everything…but I love my friends more so I shared. I did keep one of the bars of soap …the Christmas one and it’s a beautiful experience. So much lather and my skin is so soft! Great products and beautiful presentation. Thank you!