Everyone at Beekman 1802 loves Ika, it’s hard not to. She’s wholesale assistant, artisan coordinator, inventory, liaison between warehouse/shipping and customer service… little bit of everything. She’s from Sweden and has lived in the US for the last 26 years (half my life), last 20+ years in Upstate New York. She likes cross country skiing and horseback riding. She’s been part of Team Beekman for 2.5 years.

What are your top 5 Beekman products?

1. Ceramic Cheese Cover hand-thrown locally by artist Jasmine Crowe. Glazed in Classic Beekman Gun Metal Black with 14K Gold design. Cover and plate to keep your cheese safe and to look beautiful.

2. Keeps on Ticking Kitchen Towel which are handwoven heirlooms intended for every-day use.

3. Goat Soap Dish in Gun Metal Black handcrafted by Beekman 1802 Artisan, Sunny Leinhart.

4. Rosemary Creamed Honey which is made from pure raw honey harvested from Beekman 1802 Farm, blended with fragrant rosemary.

5.  Blaak Cheese which in keeping with traditional cheesemaking practices, this rare cheese is aged for 3 months in our caves and is coated with ash at each turning to promote the ripening of the wheel. It is the world-famous artisanal cheese produced from the goats at Beekman Farm.

What is your favorite scent that Beekman carries?

Fig Leaf Scent is a complex mix of notes that are a little earthy, a little clean and a little sweet — just like Brent! This lotion enriched with lavender oil and is scented with notes of fresh fig leaves, sweet fig nectar, and rich fig wood to embody the aromatic scent of natural figs, one of our favorite culinary ingredients.

What is your favorite packaging? 

Blaak as Night Dry Skin Cream

What Beekman gift would you like to gift to someone this year? To whom?

Light as Air Daytime Beauty Collection for my sister Eva.

What Beekman gift would you like to get this year?

Dutch Apple Farm Drink Set. This is another unique piece by Artisan Jasmine Crowe.


by Aray Till

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Patsy Colbert

I love all of your beauty and cleaning products. I know it’s probably expensive but there are so many I’ve talked to that would like to try your products but have very sensitive skin. So what I was thinking about is if you could come up with trial size & as a extra bonus put them in one of your goat bags. That would be great for Christmas gifts or even birthdays. Just an ideal. This is coming from someone who uses all of the products. Have a nice day neighbor.

Joan Louise Morgan

Each one of these gifts are superb and beautiful in themselves the cheese the glassware drink set the Fig Leaf is my favorite to right now outside of the snow Forest everything Beekman makes is just Divine they touch it and it turns into gold

Jeannie Goodsell

The Beekman products that I have ordered are absolutely wonderful. I keep discovering new products and of all those listed above, I think the Blaak cheese and the Blaak cheese cover are something I would love to try someday. Wouldn’t they be nice when celebrating Christmas with family and neighbors! They look incredible but then again, everything Beekman is incredible. Have a wonderful holiday at the farm! We send you love and wish you much joy during the holidays and in the coming year!!!