If you have a subscription to the Beekman 1802 Almanac (you should, if you don’t!), you are familiar with Aray and her work. She’s the Managing Editor of the magazine and the Editor-in-Chief of Content for Beekman 1802 (that’s why you see her name on the posts). She joined Team Beekman about a year and a half ago after Brent persuaded her to come on board to do the publication.

What are your top 5 Beekman products?

1. Triple milk collection: Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m as minimal as it comes with skin care/routine. This collection is the perfect solution for my no hassle approach. The peel is my absolute favorite.

2. Beekman 1802 Almanac: It’s a good thing when the project that you’re in charge of is one of your favorite things. I’m a firm believer in the saying “Do what you love and love what you do” and this is a perfect example of that.

3. Face wipe collection: I work out 5x a week at Metabolic Meltdown in Saratoga Springs before heading to our Schenectady office in the mornings and find I myself needing to freshen up on the run. I always have one or two packs in my gym bag or in the glove compartment in my car. Added bonus: the colder temperatures we’ve been having. Nothing like pulling out a cold, scented (oak moss FTW) wipe and cooling down after a high intensity interval training workout.

4. Ghoast cheese + curler: I’m a firm believer that we all need Vitamin Cheese in our lives. Of all the Beekman cheeses, the ghoast is by far my favorite. My 3 and half year old loves to help me use the ghoast maker to create the cutest cheese curls, which she then eats and nods in delight.

5. Blaak onion jam: Normally, I wouldn’t have even thought about needing Blaak Onion Jam in my life. During Garden Party this year, I sampled some at the Miele Demo Kitchen at the Mercantile and the rest is history (p.s. next time you’re at the store, sample our food products)

What is your favorite scent that Beekman carries? 

I’m wild about Fig Leaf.

What is your favorite packaging?

it’s a tie between triple milk collection + happy place bags

What Beekman gift would you like to gift to someone this year? To whom? 

Gentlemen’s grooming kit to my husband in the hopes he catches the hint that the beard has got to go

Bekman curio for my 3 1/2 yrs old. She loves lotion and lip balms plus it comes packaged perfectly for beauty mavens and toddlers alike

5. What Beekman gift would you like to get this year?

Baby goat tour (we’re big into experiences)


by Aray Till

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Colleen Burke

I love everything Beekman1802 from head to toe. So now time to try the foods. Big cheese fan and the drizzles and crackers look awesome. But I will take a Bounty Box any day with all the yummy scents and creamy soaps, that will always be my first love.

Candy Nixon

I want to try the blaack cheese, and the curler this year. On my list! The drizzles are amazing. I’m never without them in my cupboard.

KIMBERLY Bolcarovic

I received the lip balm in the mail today, loved the tube packaging it came in! Husbands favorite scent is the Absolute Vanilla, although, I would love to smell the Fig! I have never tried the goat cheese, however, did order and receive the goat poop and Mrs Goat Christmas ornament! I would live to give the gentlemen’s grooming kit for my son and I would love face care for myself!

Judy Luntzel

I think the Blaak Onion jam sounds divine! I love all of your products, your story, journey, and love for your neighbor! <3 TY The grooming kit is a spectacular addition! wow…ever since using your products, I have been obsessed!

Missy Gensimore

I would like the Almanac for myself and the Grooming kit for my husband and son. I will be honest I totally love all of your products and can hardly wait to come back to the Mercantile.

Susan Hebda

Oh! So many choices! This website always makes me happy – even though my budget is exhausted right now, I still enjoy reading about everything! The recipes sound wonderful!

I am enjoying the new cookbook purchased in October at the book signing event in Atlanta.

I would love to try the Beekman curio – so cute, fun and useful!

Laura Myers

My dream would be to win a shopping spree at Beekman 1802! It must be so difficult to choose “favorite” products. Like choosing a favorite kid!

Kathleen Cabradilla

#3 Goat cheese & curler would be a yummy & wonderfully fun time grandchildren.

Pamela Miller

Baby goat tour……(bliss)…one day, I hope. The milk collection – love it. The curio looks intriguing – reminds me of an advent calendar.

Marilyn Varney

Triple milk collection, Face Wipes Collection, Beekman 1802 Almanac Subscription, Beekman Curio. Ghoast Cheese + Ghoast Maker.

What’s not to like about everything Beekman offers. Wonderful products, terrific personable gifts and lot’s of down home goodness. The five items listed above are my “5 favorites”. Truth be told, everything by Beekman is my favorite.

carol Denning

Oh all of them but first the Ghoast cheese….yummmm. and curler, double fun. Pretty happy places, onion jam, daydreams !!

Ernie Nolan

Blaak Onion Jam and Ghoast Cheese—what a wonderful start to a New Year’s Eve celebration. This would be a festive and sophisticated way to ring out the old year and get the new year off with a bang. And the Triple Milk Collection and Almanac would continue to keep the new year bright—including a complexion all aglow with the promise of a happy year ahead!

Trudy Ballard

Fig Leaf Fig Leaf Fig Leaf!!! Lol sorry got a lil out of control there I would love to be able to give my Best Friend in the whole world the Triple milk collection!!!!

Jeannette Simms

The ghoast cheese and curler look wonderful. I am a real cheese nut. Adore all the products I have tried from your company.


I’m just gonna make this easy!!! ALL of the above…quality products by quality guys, their goats and their team!!! Actually, when you think about it, they are ALL GOATS!!! Greatest of All Time!!! 🙂 #JustSaying BTW: partial to any and all cheese and onion jam!!!


Hands down, the ghoast cheese and ghoast maker. What else would a cheese-a-holic wish for this holiday? But don’t think this decision came easy, but being a lover of all things cheese, I had to be true to my true love!

Elyse Gottesman

Gave my daughter the triple milk collection & myself white water collection, both very happy campers!
Would love to try ghoast cheese & maker✌🏼

susan miller vetalena

BABY GOAT TOUR. I would love to get involved, feeding, cleaning if needed. Milking. You name it and I will be there. Bekman curio What a great idea to hide several gifts for someone. Suggestion. Gloves to accompany the hand duo kit.

linda trimble

love the facial wipes so does my 40yr old daughter

goat milk vanilla absolute soaps

Shellie thorne

Love you guys….your products and philosophy! Gifted animal cookie jar to lifelong bestie and myself. 40 years of friendship and beginning of one with y’all! Merry Christmas

Carol Reynolds

Intrigued with the thought of using the Blaak Onion Jam. Love the face wipes. Always looking for another product to refresh after a workout or on a warm day.