Meet Alanna who is part of the Beekman 1802 Mercantile team and one of the most upbeat, helpful person you’ll ever meet (it must be the teacher side of her). We always look forward to reading her daily mercantile reports that are shared over on the Facebook page.

What are your top 5 Beekman products?


1. Vanilla Absolute Whipped Face Wash 

2. The ONE Bar

3. Original Goat Milk Two Pack

4. Blaak Night Facial Mist

5. Apricot Honey Tea Body Lotion


What is your favorite scent that Beekman carries?

Apricot Honey Tea was always my top scent…Lately I am loving Davesforth!

What is your favorite packaging? 

I love all the Vanilla Absolute packaging that features Tilly the goat!

What Beekman gift would you like to give to someone this year? To whom? 

I would like to give my mom A Seat at the Table OR a subscription to the Beekman 1802 Almanac!  The recipes in the new cookbook remind me so much of things my Grandma would bake with us, and I know that would make my mom smile!

What Beekman gift would you like to get this year?

I would love a Farmer John barn scarf! They are so rare and made by such a great person!!!


by Aray Till

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Goat milk facial mist is an absolute necessity but delightful to use! What a pick me up during a long winter day when skin is needing a boost!

Cynthia Morgan

I have some of the Beekman products, and I love them all. These items look so perfect, they are things I love! Got my son a Beekman cookbook-I’d love one for myself.

Karen Grayson

I would like the facial mist. My skin is so dry from radiation treatments and now dialysis.

Joyce Brasure

The cookbook would be a great gift. The goat milk products would be an added bonus. No bad choices here

Judy Stevens

Love to see you on Evine, The Berkman 1802 products, what’s not to love!! And the baby goats are just so sweet and its so cute how they just want to be held and loved. Seat at the table cook book, scarf, just to. many to choose.

Marie S.

Since Fall 2016, I have now tried many Beekman 1802 products both health & beauty, totes, the apron, & the Almanac. I purchased 3 cookbooks including the latest ALL from Amazon Prime. I have gifted some beauty products as well from both the Mercantile and on Evine (the split payments allowed me to try even more items, like the House & Truck cookie jars with cookies and specials on Health & Beauty items). Got the Holiday Bounty Box and am enjoying the Snowfrost items. I started Beekman purchasing Ylang Ylang. Fig and Sweet Grass are new favorites as well.

I’ve tagged my cousin in Illinois Judy B.

The Farmer John scarf with Red would be a great prize!

Julia Westbrook

I have heard most of my life of the benefits of goat’s milk soap and have yet to try it. It would be lovely to try yours. My skin is yearning. You seem to be as careful as to what goes in them as I am about what goes on me.

Missy Gensimore

I have to get the ONE bar and I have the Seat at the Table cookbook that I absolutely love I even named my foster kittens, Josh, Brent & Rose Marie.

Donna Salerno

I have tried many Beekman products and I absolutely love all of them. I have given them as gifts to coworkers; who are now also hooked on Beekman! Love, love, love the products, your company, and most importantly that everything is made right here in the USA! You guys rock!!!
Would love to win a scarf….they are lovely.

Susan Hebda

I already have the cookbook which is wonderful. After reading about Alanna’s faves I would like to try the apricot and honey tea lotion – sounds like a great fragrance!

Judy Ward

I would love to try the Vanilla Absolute Face Wash. It sounds wonderful. Really like the Farmer John scarf. That would look hot on me.

Judith Buxar

Still feel the soap is my favorite. Also love the hand soap and lotion. My favorite scent would be the yland yland.

Patricia Castaldi

I’ve been hooked on the bar soaps ever since I began receiving the bounty box last April! Gotta say I love the Apricot and Honey Tea the best but I’m also loving the fig leaf. just got the Lump of Kohl and Lump of gold with the shimmer body cream and love those too! Will never go back to store bought soaps and body wash. I’ve even gotten my husband off of his beloved Ivory soap and he now loves the Beekman bars…and they last forever! Now I’d like to try Alanna’s pick of The One Bar and the goat milk facial mist. And of course the cookbook! Love to you all…Merry Christmas.


I enjoy all of the products I have tried especially the ylang ylang and tuberose and vanilla absolute scented items. Always looking for something new to try.

Edie Mcglynn

I would be happy with any of your choices. I have never been disappointed with anything Beekman.

Chris Becker

Would be happy with any of the choices, fragrances are wonderful! Would share with Shannon Say.

Laura Campbell

I love her choices.I too love the vanilla absolute.I have yet to try the One bar maybe next time.

Kathleen Kurowski

I love Beekman products and I would be happy to win anyone. All their products are great.

Rebecca Fisher

I would love to try the One Bar.I have the eye balm and the facial wipes and would love to try the bar to compliment the other items. I so enjoy the products! The barn scarf looks so warm,too! These Pennsylvania winds get mighty cold!

Dianne Voluckas

My daughter, Amy, introduced me to Beekman hand creams and lip balms and I just love them. Any gift from their line would be a perfect one.


Difficult to chose just one. I do know the Vanilla Absolute scent is dreamy, especially when used as a hand cream.

arlene chalker

i have to tell you for years i could not use ant other soap but Ivory. If i did my hands would look like i was out in the cold for hrs with nothing on my hands to help to keep them warm. i had see you on TSC to or three i times and on April 22 i made up my mind to get some of your pure goats milk soap it is the BEST THING EVER I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.CAN not have anything with scent in it so this is grate. i hope to be able to get more soon.And i would love to get the A seat at the table cookbook i love cooking and making new recipes. HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTmas .AND THE BEST NEW YEAR EVER ATE THE FARM. ARLENE CHALKER AND SWEET PEA (MY DOG)

Jacqueline Chaney

That cookbook… oh my… would love that!!! I use the “one soap”. I was amazed how soft my face was after using. I would love to try the vanilla whipped face wash! Mmmm a cookbook and vanilla ace wash.. they both Sound yummy!!!

Lorena Sanders

I’m totally sold on this line. I bet I would love everything. I have ordered in the past the apricot honey tea and vanilla lip balms and the vanilla bar soap and body wash. My sister and my mom loves them too. Would definitely share with them. I have excema and this stuff works great!