Meet Alanna who is part of the Beekman 1802 Mercantile team and one of the most upbeat, helpful person you’ll ever meet (it must be the teacher side of her). We always look forward to reading her daily mercantile reports that are shared over on the Facebook page.

What are your top 5 Beekman products?


1. Vanilla Absolute Whipped Face Wash 

2. The ONE Bar

3. Original Goat Milk Two Pack

4. Blaak Night Facial Mist

5. Apricot Honey Tea Body Lotion


What is your favorite scent that Beekman carries?

Apricot Honey Tea was always my top scent…Lately I am loving Davesforth!

What is your favorite packaging? 

I love all the Vanilla Absolute packaging that features Tilly the goat!

What Beekman gift would you like to give to someone this year? To whom? 

I would like to give my mom A Seat at the Table OR a subscription to the Beekman 1802 Almanac!  The recipes in the new cookbook remind me so much of things my Grandma would bake with us, and I know that would make my mom smile!

What Beekman gift would you like to get this year?

I would love a Farmer John barn scarf! They are so rare and made by such a great person!!!


by Aray Till

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Goat milk facial mist is an absolute necessity but delightful to use! What a pick me up during a long winter day when skin is needing a boost!