The huge antique festivals in Roundtop, TX, and Brimfield, MA, may get all the buzz, but we’ve got an enormous festival just 40 minutes down the road from Beekman Farm that always gives us plenty of ideas.  In fact, we have several pieces of furniture in the Beekman Mansion that we’ve hauled away from the field.  Click here to learn more about the Madison-Bouckville Antiques Show.

Now that we have to constantly generate new ideas for our Beekman 1802 bedding and furniture collection, we keep a watchful eye out for details.  Take a look at some of the things that caught our eye when walking through the tents.  You may see the evolution of these ideas in future Beekman 1802 designs!





by Josh and Brent

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Did you buy that stand? I want it if you didn’t! Look out Route 20; I’m on my way!!


#2 multi-tiered table is cool, but… what are those interesting stacked basket looking things in the background? I am imagining an amazing storage table on wheels for my knitting wool 🙂

Kate's Daughter

So very much loved going to the Bouckville Antiques Show in years past. Maybe we’ll need to take one of our vacation weeks and attend again. Hard to get things all the way back to FL though without driving. Really like the items you’ve highlighted.

Will be looking forward to seeing what things are developed from the inspirational items.