Finally! The Fabulous Beekman Boys is coming to Canada!Β  The brand new channel Cottage Life launches on Sept 4 and The Fabulous Beekman Boys premiers on Sept 10.Β  If you’re in Canada, check your local listings.
About Cottage Life:
This new HD television channel celebrates the people, places and activities closest to the heart of Canada. Entertaining, informative shows on favorite themes like DIY, food, makeovers and the Outdoors will bring the lifestyle home. Call it a cottage, cabin, lodge, camp or even your backyard.Β It’s all here at Cottage Life: Where everyday is the weekend.

If you’ve been a fan of The Fabulous Beekman Boys and want to welcome new viewers, leave them a message in the comments section below!


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  • By: Sonia K

    I am so disgusted by your packaging which is unnecessary and non recyclable. And to think this comes from people who pretend to be caring for the environment and the animals they keep. Really.. I will never buy again.

  • By: Kelly Green

    Good Day Gentlemen, I am soooooooo excited to have the opporunuty to contact you both. Believe it or not I fell in love with you, your tender love for your precious goats, your unique integrity, your exquisite packaging, (I have a crazy passion for collecting beautiful boxes, tins et cetera), your delightful and refreshing personalities on the TWC commercial.

    I am absolutely thrilled with your success on TSC and wish you the best of success,a bounty of plenty, happiness, prayers answered, love and uninterrupted good health always.

    Be well….Kelly Green Ms.

  • By: Debbie Lyons

    I’ve been a Canadian Beek Geek for years! I am a soap maker and my store was the first store in Canada to sell Beekman 1802 soaps. I am positively beaming that not only do they have a show on Cottage Life now, but that they are going to have a personal appearance in Toronto so I’ll be able to meet them! πŸ™‚ Welcome to Canada boys! You’ll love us!

  • By: Shari

    Wecome, Canada! You are about to meet the new loves of your life! You’ll find yourself going through Beekman withdrawal on the days their shows are not on. I’ve been one of the lucky ones who got to tour the farm, visit Sharon Springs and meet Josh and Brent. There aren’t words to describe how knowing about them will change your life…and for the better. They are the most engaging, motivating, giving, caring, honest, humble, talented, sincere people I’ve ever met. I read every single thing about them that I can find, watch their re-runs over and over again…..just can’t get enough. They just make you feel so good!

  • By: donna

    it was so much fun watching Beekman boys ,Ican not wait until next week

  • By: donna

    love love the Beekman boys and farmer john!love love love the beautiful animals! can’t wait to watch the show on cottagelife,tonight

  • By: Colleen Hogan

    How can I view the Cottage Life Canada episodes if I live the states. We have a beach cottage on Ile de Orleans in Quebec. I follow the Beekman Boys and love everything they do. In fact, our wedding is going to be in the village chapel of my ancestors home on the Ile in Quebec. The reception will take place at the cottage on the front lawn which overlooks the St. Lawrence;-) Please let me know if the episodes will be on the internet. Thanking you in advance, Colleen Hogan

  • By: Jeanie

    Luv your show on cooking channel. When does the news season start? I think you guys are the best.

  • By: Christina

    These are the best guys and I love all the things they do. They are truly living a dream and have done a great job creating their empire. They are funny and inspiring.

  • By: Cathy

    What do we love most (and you will love most) about The Fabulous Beekman Boys? Josh and Brent, of course, and the caring community that has come together, sharing a mutual love of two fine young men, who work too hard, make us laugh, make us cry – the Beekman family is a wonderful family to be a part of!

  • By: Susan

    Love, love the Beekman Boys. They live, love, grow and create. They are not superhuman, just guys who have a piece of the puzzle. Wish we could get new episodes! Enjoy!

  • By: Robin

    You’re going to LOVE The Fabulous Beekman Boys! Welcome to our large, slightly dysfunctional, loving family!

  • By: Kathy Jones

    All I can say Canadians, you will enjoy these guys and their show. It doesn’t take long before you feel like you know them and they are a part of your family. You go guys!!

  • By: Debbye Bettis

    From the very first show you’ll be thinking of Josh and Brent not as TV stars but as “friends”. You’ll find yourself looking up goat farming on the internet so you feel more in tune with Farmer John and all his precious goats and you’ll fall in love with the one and only Polka Spot!!! “The Fabulous Beekman Boys” are two people who truly do care about others, from all they’ve done to help the town to helping fella farmers to helping themselves survive when all odds were against them. I first saw Brent and Josh on Amazing Race and was so happy for them when they won. They showed what team work and relationships are really about, good and bad, ups and downs and through it all faith that true love really does exist and can endure anything. I only wish their show could have went on and can’t wait to see their wedding special. I am so happy for them. Hopefully for all of those that count them as “friends” there will be TV or even “web” specials from time to time. CANADA….you are so lucky to be able to invite “The Fabulous Beekman Boys” into your living room!!! You’ll be a better person for knowing them!!!

  • By: pat

    This is the best two guys you’ll ever meet. They are true to their word and smart as can be. They continually do good and I’m sure they wont disappoint. Enjoy them love their cookbook and if you get Cooking Channel up there catch them.

  • By: Amy

    I loved everything about The Fabulous Beekman Boys! Wait though until you meet Pooka Spot, OMG, that girls a star. Sorry guys. πŸ™‚

  • By: Margaret Donnahue

    Warning – – your going to fall in love with “my” boys. They entertain, amuse and become like family. We really need them back on TV in the US ! ! !

  • By: Wendy Mark

    This show is the best “Reality” show on TV. The boys are genuine,funny,sarcastic and….you just have to watch and see! You will fall in love with them and “every living thing on the Beekman farm”.

  • By: Toby Norma Lu Wilcox

    Work ethic, Ingenuity, striving for the top… Funny… Never quitting… NO MATTER WHAT even if you DON”T have an acceptable vehicle to move goats… Loving Caring… Did I say funny and beautifully shot. xoxoxo

  • By: paula

    what do i like about the beekman boys? ” EVERYTHING “you are in for the treat of your life. and yes brent does mellow!!!!!

  • By: barbara shannon-brown

    A show that you will follow weekly. Then you will learn to follow them daily on Facebook. You will wish you too could live a similar existence. You will love the show!

  • By: Elaine

    I loved every episode, but my favorite was…the one where Josh thought PolkaSpot died!
    You must watch every episode! You’ll love them!!! (Yes, I mean the Boys!)

  • By: Princess Penelope Poopalatte

    Canada, you will fall in love with these boys and their fun loving show. They will leave you laughing, crying and every emotion in between.

  • By: June W.

    I love how they are ‘real’ people, they seem like nice the farm and Farmer John.

  • By: Paula

    You are in for a treat Canada and prepare to fall in love with Josh, Brent, Farmer John, Doug, Garth, Maria and every living thing in Sharon Springs NY and on Beekman Farm!

  • By: Stephanie Winslow

    Canada you are gonna LOVE this show then you can cross the border at NYS and go to Sharon Springs and immerse yourself in the Beekman way enjoy

  • By: Linda & Fred

    I love everything about “The Fabulous Beekman Boys” Josh & Brent are great and so engaging. Farmer John and the goats are also my favorites as is Polkaspot, I guess I love them all, wish they had new episodes down here in the U.S.

  • By: Liz

    Nice! Any chance Cottage Life and Food TV will team up to produce new episodes?

  • By: Jenny

    Love these guys so so much! Someone pick them up to make a season three!

  • By: Ken Newman

    Welcome Canada! You’re about to make some new friends. If anyone around Ontario has the opportunity, please give Loreena McKennitt a hug for me.

  • By: Liseanne

    and Josh and Brent…
    and Goats and Farmer John…
    and POLKA SPOT!

  • By: joannec123 JoAnne Colenzo

    You will be amazed at what you learn subliminally and how much your life will change – all for the better – while you have a constant smile on your face for the entire show!

  • By: Doug

    So glad you’re going to be in Canada now! We’ve been following Josh as a writer for years which then became about Beekman 1802 and then the Amazing Race. For us it’s been about “community”, the friends you call family (good neighbours), and revitalizing a beautiful little village. Set your PVR’s!!

  • By: Amy Smith Wexler

    I’ve known Brent and Josh for two years now and the show is what drew me to them and the farm to table lifestyle. You will love these guys, they provide tips and recipes and have wonderful books. They are like a magazine without all the ads and lots to keep you interested. Enjoy.

  • By: embowden

    Agreed! Pennsylvania, USA!! Will this be available on Netflix?

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