Most of you have heard about the devastation of several of the Beekman’s neighboring villages. Schoharie country, where we reside, was the hardest hit region of the storm. Rivers and creeks turned into raging torrents that demolished homes, farms, and Main Streets.

We were very fortunate and sustained no major damage, but we’re asking you to please join us in helping our community recover. Many families and farmers were struggling here before the storm, and face a very difficult road back.

We’ve identified two relief agencies that we feel will most help our immediate area, and specifically the farming community. Both of these organizations have committed that 100% of funds raised will go directly to local individuals and farms affected.

We’d also like to take a moment to thank the great folks at Lean Cuisine and Johnson & Johnson, advertising clients of Josh’s, who have generously donated food and supplies to displaced families.


The Capital Region’s Online Farmers’ Market is collecting funds via Facebook Causes that will go directly to area farmers who have lost buildings, livestock and crops. This storm came close to harvest season, which is the worst possible time for farmers. The flooded crops are a complete loss. To donate, please click here.




The Schoharie County Community Action Program is collecting funds that will go only to our immediate area. We have spoken with them and are very impressed with their efforts. To donate, please send a check to:

Schoharie County Community Action Program

795 East Main Street Suite 5

Cobleskill, New York  12043-1436

Please write “Beekman Boys Flood Relief” in the memo portion of the check.


Again, 100% of the funds donated to these two agencies will go directly to our region’s neighbors and farmers.

Thank you very much,

Every Living Thing at the Beekman.



by Josh and Brent

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Ann K.M.

We were able to raise 147.00 at the Knox town Harvest Fest this past Saturday by selling made from scratch breads. Thank you to all who purchased our breads; and to the Beekman Boys for the information on donating to local agencies. I wanted to make sure the proceeds would stay local and this information makes that possible. Thanks again you guys are great.

Linda Turner

So sad to hear about the losses in your area-and unnerving to look at the photos. We here in southern CT had many old trees go down, but most homes were spared damage. My father used to say that storms/wind were "nature's way of pruning".

Loss of power was long-lasting, but we all tried to embrace the peacefulness of it (except for chain saws and wood chippers during the day) 'Things' can be destroyed, but the human spirit helps to carry us through these tragedies. I applaud all of those who come to the aid of people in need and who make us realize that we are all part of the same 'family'. Sending prayers and hope to all who need support at this time.


Thank you for information concerning donations to help the flood victims. As an Illinois "flood zone" farmers daughter I certainly understand the importance of community during the devastating times.

Fred Schauf

Hi, First, thanks for having this aid to the flood victims. I would like to volunteer information concerning mold and how to get rid of it, what to throw away, how to clean items, etc. I am certified by the American Council for Accredited Certification as a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant and as a Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor. I can be reached at 518 346 6374 – Spectrum Environmental Ass., in Schenectady, NY.

centralia heart

the storm hit many towns hard down here too. The village of Prattsville is basically gone, about 5 homes remain. Margaretville, Fleischmans, Windham and Phoenicia may never recover. This is the worst storm that I can remember in all of my 64 years. It is truly heartrending. The power in Olivebridge came on this past Sunday. There is still no phone service, and now it is raining again. Roads that just got clear are beginning to flood. Holy Cow. love Centralia

Sue Wimble

Brent and Josh,

Thanks for providing this information. I am sending a check to the ASSV and to the Community Action Program. As the time gets closer, let us know what to bring to the donation booth at the Harvest Fest.

On Facebook, I referred to 'us fans' as the Beekman Nation and that together we can move mountains. Just look at the huge response this past week, not just towards Hurricane relief, but towards rescuing the Landreth Seed company! Thank you for being such an inspiration. I love you guys!


Dear Brent & Josh, Thank you for directing us to the places that will provide the most direct help to the farmers of Schoharie County. We want to help. Love to you all — especially to Lean Cusine & Johnson & Johnson. I want to patronize those companies who remember their communities during times of trouble and I will make it my business to support and recommend them at every opportunity.

Rosemarie Quimby

Thank you, Beekman Boys, for the suggestions of where to send donations to help the Schoharie County flooding victims. My husband and I are former residents of Cobleskill and many of our family and friends still live there.

elly b

Thanks for the good news on the llamas. I was not sure how low or close to the Schoharie they were.

Thanks, also, Lisa for info on the Schoharie Animal Shelter. I have already stopped with some donations of dog food that I collected from my worksite for the pets. The shelter staff also gave me a list of other supplies they need which we will be gathering up for them. I didn't want to overlook any other organizations that were helping the pets from the area that also may need assistance.

Linda Schnell-Leonar

Thank you and JKP for taking the time to point us in the correct direction to donate what we can. Being a public figure is not something that you take lightly, and I appreciate that your are Mindful in your choices.



elly b

Does PolkaSpot know how the rescued llamas are?

Is there any organization or group that has been created to help affected pets/livestock and their people?