Hey!  It IS a thrill to be nominated.

Season 1 of the Fabulous Beekman Boys has been nominated for a GLAAD Media Award.  Check out our competition here

Congratulations to all of the team at World of Wonder  and Planet Green and all of the people in Sharon Springs, NY.  It takes a whole village to make a show this good.

See what all the buzz is about when Planet Green starts airing “More Fab” on Feb 15.  All of Season 1 reloaded with “Pop-Up” factoids.

by Josh and Brent

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Congratulations! Yes, it IS nice to be nominated. But I haven't even heard of the other four nominees in your catagory, so I hope that means you're likely to win.

Best wishes!

Sue T.

Hey, this is big news,however, I'm worried about Josh being able to attend. Now maybe with some luck you'll get through the reading list, but don't forget Dr. Brent gave you another chores list and then you need to ready the barn because the babies will be coming and lord knows Farmer John can't do it all without some help and lets not forget about planning the garden design for spring. Josh, get off your ass and start moving because I can't stand the thought of you missing out and staying home in your pink snow suit and dirty muck boots. Keep us informed as to how your checking things off the long lists. Mary's friend Sue This was really great news

teri tighe

I was also amazed at how many shows, on tv and the big screen, that are portraying gay relationships, etc. Even though we've got a ways to go, these are huge steps.

I wonder who we can bombard at GLAAD to get you guys a win?!