We’ve been on Beekman 1802 farm for almost 10 years now. We and Farmer John and all of Team Beekman knew from the start that lots of people want to shake your hand in times of success.

But what’s really important to us are those people who will take your hand and pull you up when you have failed. That’s what being a part of a community is all about.

We’ve always felt that a photo of the human hand was a powerful image, so when we started planning our new book, A Seat at the Table, we wanted to include as many images of hands as possible.

Human hands are complex tools that have adapted over millions of years of evolution. Fully one quarter of the brain’s motor cortex (which is the area that controls ALL movement in the body), is dedicated to moving the hand muscles.

A touch of the hand releases oxytocin in the body. This chemical itself has been shown to refine communication skills, increase happiness levels, improve relationships, and boost levels of contentment, while decreasing stress and anxiety.

Although there are lots of images of hands that made it into the book, there are many that we did not have room for, so we wanted to share them with you here (after seeing how beautiful these images are, just imagine the ones that made the final cut!)

We want to thank all Beekman Neighbors for being the type of people who realize there’s a reason we are all given two hands: one to help yourself and the second to help others.

Have a second helping.






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all photos for Beekman 1802 by Christian Watson




by Josh and Brent

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Sally Kallstrom

I love hands too. Mine are used to knit, make jewelry, bathe babies, fix things around the house, garden, cook for my family and earn a living. I collect jewelry depicting hands and even have hand refrigerator magnets. Mine are now wrinkled, freckled, scarred and arthritic, but I love them.