Last year, we worked with Williams-Sonoma to create the World’s Largest “Community” Garden—10,000 people growing 10 of the same heirloom variety vegetables that we grow ourselves here on Beekman Farm.  (Click here to become a part of the online community)

This year, the garden grows even larger!

The original Heirloom Garden


We’ve created two new sets for the launch of the Williams-Sonoma Agrarian project.  Click here to see their beautifully curated assortment of fine gardening products to help you bring food the table in a completely new and completely beautiful way.

With just a mid-sized planter on your patio or a few small pots on your sunniest window sill, you can harvest a Year of Salad.  Working with Landreth Seed Co., we created a custom blend of salad greens.  Each set contains 12 packets of seeds–plant one packet every 30 days and you’ll never be without fresh greens.  We’ve even included 12 Beekman 1802 salad dressing ideas so that each month of the year can bring you a little extra surprise for your palate.

The Salad Collection


And did you know that you can expand the horizon of pesto beyond just basil?     The new Pesto Set includes several different herb varieties and Beekman 1802 recipes for making pesto for pasta, fish, and meat dishes.


Pesto, please!


But by far the thing we’re most excited about is the opportunity to help raise funds to support the Edible Schoolyard Project.  Started by our friend, Alice Waters, the Project helps fund the planting of vegetable gardens on school properties around the country, teaching kids an invaluable lesson about where food comes from and often providing a needed source of healthy food in what is otherwise a food desert.

As part of the Agrarian launch, we helped Williams-Sonoma with a gardening class curriculum.  On Earth Day (April 22), every Williams-Sonoma store in the US and Canada will offer an “Intro to Edible Gardening: Seed Starting” class.  Participants will be provided with heirloom seeds, starter pots and soil, and will go home with five seed starts created during the class.  The entire $10 class fee will be donated to Edible Schoolyards.  Contact your local store for information about the time the class will take place in your community.

We look forward to growing with all of you!!


Take a look at how Beekman 1802 can help you grow bigger!  Click here

by Josh and Brent

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Warren Bobrow

I love the idea of growing herbs and including them in my cocktails and in cooking. Fresh mint is poking up out of the ground and there is nothing I like more than a nice refreshing mint julep. Rye Whiskey binds this drink to history in your hand.

Bridget Hussey

I teach very high needs (mental and physical) disabled students in a small rural town. Our science project is to tend a plot in the community garden where we tried to grow potatoes last year (without much success) for the local food pantry. We worked hard on our skills and knowledge throughout this school year and have done some practice gardening on my newly started berry/therapy pony farm. So far so good! The students have learned a great deal and have enjoyed the work. This year we are trying three plots:potatoes again, strawberries, and tomatoes. We want to work at the Farmer's Market to learn some real life skills and success. I feel it is important to give my students and others opportunities to work for themselves and the community. The confidence that I have seen grow in my students is heartwarming. I applaud what you and your friends do! I love being part of the neuvo-agro movement:) Next thing you need to do is speak at the FFA National Convention!

sue tolbert

I've spread the word to all my friends who are still in the classroom. What a great opportunity!! sue t.