Although it felt like winter would never end, Mother Nature once again delivered her promise of warm weather and sunshine to the Northeast. And around these parts, that means we have gardening on the mind. We recently heard of something called “Grow a Row, Share a Row” and it is so Beekman, we knew we had to share.

Remember that rogue squash plant in your garden last year? Or the inevitable tomato plant that always ends up producing more than you can eat? And now, think about how quickly you get into a rhythm when planting your zinnia rows each year. How much extra time would it take you to plant an additional row? Not long at all.

We want to introduce you to “Grow a Row, Share a Row,” Beekman 1802-style. Grow A Row builds on the long-standing tradition of gardeners sharing their harvest with their neighbors. This season, we encourage you to plant an extra row of everything in your garden.

Here at Beekman 1802, we are all too familiar with the scarcity of time. Between farm chores, operating a small business and stashing away a little time to watch the sunset, there is hardly any time left to be a good neighbor. We are always trying to find small ways that we can incorporate some good “neighbor activity” into our daily routine. After all, what are you doing anything for if it isn’t to share?

Do you remember coming home as a kid to find a paper bag of fresh vegetables sitting on your front porch? The excitement of eating a fresh tomato right off the vine! YUM! And no one knew where exactly the fresh treat came from…just a neighbor.

In our Beekman Heirloom Vegetable Garden, we plan for ourselves and then just one more row to deliver to some folks in our community. Elderly neighbors and young moms are always so appreciative of a few fresh tomatoes, flowers and herbs.

This takes no time at all and is an inexpensive way to share something delicious!

Join us by planting a row for YOUR neighbor. Send a photo of you and your family planting your extra row. Tell us what you’re planting and why you’re planting an extra row. Email submissions to [email protected] . Post to social media with hashtag #B1802ShareARow. We will select an email submission and a social media submission to receive a copy of The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Vegetable Cookbook and a pair of The Toughest Bestest Garden Gloves Ever.

by Heather Sadlemire

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