We’ll admit it. We designed the greenery collection for sale in this year’s Beekman 1802 Online Mercantile all for ourselves. You see, by the time Christmas rolls around, because the Beekman is so windy, the ribbons on all of the wreaths that hang under our windows and from our balustrades were always in shreds.

So we used a graphic line illustration from a Victorian Christmas card to produce flat, durable, beautiful bows that will last for years. Simply untie them from the wreath at the end of the season, and keep them (and the wreath frame if you want) for use next year. And of course, all of the greenery is as fresh as can be, including fresh balsam, pine and cedar,  festooned with seeded eucalyptus and pine cones

Pretty and practical. That’s the definition of win-win on the farm.

Our Graphic Greens are all freshly made and ready to be shipped now. Free shipping.


by Josh Kilmer-Purcell

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Betty Moore

I tried to find the Christmas Bounty collection but could not find it here. I purchased it for Christmas for ourselves and our daughter. I do not remember if it has any of your bar shampoo inside the beautiful collectible box. If not, I was going to order her some shampoo bars. I could not even get the shampoo bars to come up when I typed it in. I love your shampoo bars! I ordered a multitude of your products when you appeared on Evine. First time I’ve ever used your products. My hair is silky soft and my skin on my hands has stopped cracking and stinging! Thank you so much! I also love your goats and wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Sincerely, Betty Moore E-mail [email protected]

Shane Gabriszeski

Hi guys. I’d really like to be able to set a few of these pictures as my computer’s desktop, but they’re so small. Could you upload/start a section on your webpage that we could download pictures? What’s more beautiful than the Beekman in the snow?


I’ve been fans of yours for years. First on Martha Stewart Living’s Daytime show, when you both seemed refreshingly nervous to be with Martha. I stumbled upon your show the Beekman Boys and truly enjoy your work ethic …working hard to get what you want out of life and making a difference on the lives you touch along the way and giving back to the Farming Trade. With that, I have watched TAR since the begining and was elated to see you both on the show! And so glad that they portrayed you as the genuine people I am sure you are. You deserved to win…and I will continue to cheer you on. Congratulations… wishing you a Joyous Holiday Season,


Thank you for posting the summary of how you felt about your fellow racers. We all needed to be able to see the good side of some of them. TV editing shows you what the editor wants you to see, but you gave us a glimpse of the real heart of the racers. And congratulations!


I started watching the Race again because you two were in it. I was going to stop when you went home, but you surprised the world and won before going home! It was fantastic! That kiss was swoon worthy! Congrats! Susan

Annie M

You winning just proves that good guys CAN win. Throughout the game you played in a way that would make your parents proud. Not once did you try to win by making someone else lose and that was why this season’s race was truely Amazing. I had honestly stopped watching this show several seasons ago because it was getting too cut throat for my taste and only watched it now just to cheer you on. And not once did you let us down.
I’ve been on your side since your show on the Green Channel.
And the icing on the cake was that kiss!! Wish you could bottle that!
Peace, Annie from Albany


Nothing better than the triumph of the “underdog”, especially when it is achieved with the ultimate kindness, under pressure. You guys are a class act. Luv, luv, luv the T-you note. So dear and insightful,,, Has YOU written all over it! 🙂

Charlotte Adkins

I am sooooo happy for you two. You are very deserving of this win. You prove that life has many twists and turns but you can always make it all work and be positive in the process. You are both so talented and productive. I love watching you both work together, fight with one another and love one another. You have brought Sharon Springs to the forefront and given the town new life with your spirit and can do attitude. Your creativity seems to spread like wildfire. The best to you both and I am glad that your real desire to be together has come true for you. Oh yes, Merry, Merry Christmas to you both and to all of your loved ones. Your parents must be very proud of you.


I had a blast watching AR for the first time because I am such a fan of my Beekman Boys! You guys kept my smiling, laughing and yelling at my tv! Great entertainment, enjoy your win gentlemen and merry Christmas to you both!


No two people deserve the win as much as you two. You both are beautiful and inspirational people who shine a light of love and laughter for the world to follow. Thank you and congratulations!


Congrat on your Amazing Race win! So glad to see you back on the Food Channel!
We are enjoying our BLACK cheese and delicious fudge, drinking something warm and yummy out of our mugs. I’ve ordered my silk scarf because the winter has really settled in here.

All my Beekman tools (my crunk and my tool basket) are all stored away for the season. Can’t wait for the seed collections to come out again.

Linda Turner

My mom always filled windowboxes/containers with greens after pulling out the rest of the annuals. They would freeze in for the winter and stay fresh looking until February! (of course, not for faint-of-heart ceramic pots…) Lovely look for the house and barn by the way!