Generally, when we are entertaining at the farm we’ve already put in a full day of chores in addition to preparing the meal.  Decorating the table usually entails a last minute rush out to the flower garden.

One recent evening we used crystal dessert cups and single peony blossoms at each place setting.

You can re-create this idea with any blossoms you have handy in your garden.  They key to creating something dramatic is “scale”.  Use a container whose diameter is slightly smaller than the blossom which creates a voluptuous visual no matter how large or small the flower.

For drama on the table, use a container that you have multiples of (champagne glasses, egg cups, etc)

Need more simple yet elegant bouquet ideas from Beekman 1802?  Click here


by Josh and Brent

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Love this look. Less is more, and flowers on the table don't have to cost a fortune. I'm with Sherry regarding the beauty of the peony and the hydrangea. By the way, I love you guys.

Angela Rae

Lately, I've been putting peony blossoms into a pale blue Ball jar that I bought while antiquing in Sharon Springs and leaving them on my desk. Makes for a happier work environment 😉

Sheri Szajna-McKeon

Simply stunning! I think the peony is quite possibly THE most beautiful flower, with the hydrangea running a very close second.

suzanne spina

I love using white flowers especially in the summer; there is something just crisp and clean about them. Love your idea of using a glass.


A beautiful martini glass or some great wine glasses can be used also. You guys are great!!


That's also a great way to use glasses you usually don't bring out. I have some old etched glasses from my grandmother and rarely use them because they are a little small for modern taste.


Lovely idea! Perfect for those of us who aren't quite the 'host(ess) with the most-est.'