We first installed bees at Beekman Farm the second year that we were there.  We wanted to give a boost to the flower and vegetable gardens we were planting.  Those two original hives have now grown to almost 100 boxes, producing thousands of pounds of honey each year.  Every jar of Beekman 1802 honey that you purchase comes directly from the farm.

The honey is harvested twice a year–after the Spring flush of flowers and again in the autumn.

Take a photo tour through our autumn harvest:

We bottle over 10 varieties of honey at Beekman 1802.  Check them out by clicking here

by Josh and Brent

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I love this gold goodness!! I especially enjoy it on my banana bread or biscuits!! I especially love that Brent is right there, making sure we only get the best xoxo!

Luigina Garden

And not to be too overly critical, I believe the plant is goldenrod vs golden rod – again a reference to royalty, perhaps? Having said that, your various types of honey sound delicious!

linda schnell-leonardi

When I drive on Route 10, and get to the beehives, I know that I am ” home”.