Poop Happens. Here’s how..

“Who makes this delicious Goat Poop?”

That’s always the first question we hear whenever people try our Beekman 1802 Artisanal Goat Poop. The answer seems pretty obvious to us: our goats.

You already know that Farmer John’s goats produce award-winning cheeses and soaps. But a few of them create some pretty stellar poop too. Is it what we feed them? The lush Beekman pastures? Magical wildflowers? We’re not giving away our secret. But we’re happy to introduce you to some of our herd’s most prolific poop artisans…

halperniahappy hazelhoney shadow talea
by Josh and Brent

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Love the poop ~ when will it be available again? It’s a family favorite and I’d love to have some for our reunion in the fall.

Pamela Koussa

I have not yet received the replacement tin of Goatpoop that was promised to me. It’s now March 2nd. Please inform me of the status. Thanks. Pamela Koussa, 4204 ChaBlis Drive, Napa, CA 94558-2506, phone – 707-280-2283.

Susan Giarriputo

OK! I looooove the poop! Especially the dark poop!!! You guys used to offer it on your website much similar than this! Question! Can I order goat poop from you and considering by had now, you offer the different chocolates! Mid order dark!!!! I am a customer! I order this & other stuff directly from you guys when you were at Evine! Didn’t expect such differences at your website!!! I have already ordered things from you thru HSN….my favorite, I WAS SO GLAD TO SEE YOU GUYS HERE; but, what’s the deal at your website! I used to order individual cans of goat poop w/ 10% off for being a good customer. Can someone please get back to me asap at [email protected]!!!????????