The very first products that Beekman 1802 ever made were for better skin, and we wrote about the dermal benefits of goat milk here.

But goat milk has many uses, which is why we we’ve created so many edibles with goat milk as a base.


Worldwide people consume goat milk much more than cow milk.  65% of the world drinks goat milk. In many countries, it’s quite common for a family to own a goat, which on average, yields a gallon or two of milk a day, just enough for a family’s daily needs…no refrigeration required.  But there may be evolutionary reasons for this as well.

The main differences between goat and cow dairy are in protein and fat composition. Goat milk has been shown to be less allergenic than cow milk because of its low concentration of the highly allergenic protein known as alpha S-1 casein, a protein found in significantly high levels in cow milk. Beta-caseins are the major proteins in human and goat milk, as opposed to the alpha-caseins predominant in cow milk. The near absence of alpha S-1 casein in goat milk provides for a softer curd that is easier to digest.  In fact, many people (including babies) who have allergies or sensitivities to cow milk, can consume goat milk without any problems.

Another reason many find goat milk to be easier to digest is because of its smaller fat globules, as compared to cow milk. It also contains less lactose than cow milk, which is important to those with lactose intolerance.

Compared with cow milk, goat milk contains 13% more calcium, 47% more vitamin A, 34% more potassium and 250% more niacin. It is also higher in vitamin C, chloride, copper and manganese. A recent study also indicated that goat milk contains 27% to 28% of the essential nutrient selenium.

Goat milk fat differs significantly from cow milk fat in terms of fatty acids, as goat milk is higher in some essential fatty acids. These essential fatty acids have been used in the treatment of a variety of conditions, including coronary bypass, childhood epilepsy, cystic fibrosis and gallstones, because of their unique ability to provide energy while lowering serum cholesterol.

If you’ve never given goat milk products a try, how many more reasons do you need?

Check out the shop at Beekman 1802 and be surprised at how delicious healthy can be!

by Dr. Brent

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I have been looking into things for my daughter to eat. She has digestive issues and I found that goat milk is a great thing for her to drink. Do you sell this? Please let me know

Kari M

I just got off the phone with my Grandma and she said that she has some of your soap for me to try out when I fly back home, and that you name your goats and have a great farm! She was really excited about your products, and I just thought I would pass that on.

patsy McKinney

If I return 3 bars of vanilla absolute 9 oz to Evine for a different scent will I get the special price I paid on June 5 of $39.99 if I order from Beekman directly?


We already ate our entire cheese wheel and the soft cheese as well. The wheel does not stay long in our house. In less then a month it is gone. Now i have to wait to put myself on the list for next time. Love it.