Birthing season is a very special time at Beekman 1802 Farm. It begins in mid February and extends into May. Farmer John times the fall breeding so that the births occur in two week surges throughout the spring. It’s by far John’s busiest time of year, and he travels back and forth between the barn all hours of the day and night.

Even with John’s vigilance, some goat births occur untended. Which is fine. The birthing process, lest we humans forget, is a natural process. But when any of us are in the barn during birthing season, we always inspect the herd to see if any mothers are in, or starting labor. Recently, two does began birthing simultaneously. We were there with our iphones, so we shot a good deal of video. (Sometimes one-handed.) Even though there are hundreds of live births each season at Beekman 1802 Farm, each one is just as special as the last. We hope you’ll feel the thrill vicariously watching this video.

Caution: This video shows live goat births. It may not be suitable for all audiences.

[youtube width=”550″ height=”309″][/youtube]

To learn even more about the pregnancy and birth process, please read our post “Beekman Babies” or watch some baby goat cute-overload on this video.

by Josh and Brent

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Alicia Owens

If watching that video doesn't bring a smile to your face, then you smile muscles are in need of repair. Thanks so much for giving us a glimpse inside the goat "maternity ward".

Shannon Lee

Great video! About a month ago we experienced our first mini-nubian triplet birth – it was amazing and all are doing well. We are your very small and new 'West-coast' cousins 🙂 Find us on Facebook at Two Moon Family Farm. Glad to see that you also give the warm 'sugar' water for the new moms- our goats LOVE that! hope the rest of your kidding season is well-blessed!

Lisa Stannard

You have a blessed farm. Love the new addition to the family. Farmer John is so good with the goats. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Hugs and kisses to you all.

JoAnn near Seattle

The Beekman farm is a blessed place. I grew up on a small farm in Nebraska, and this brought back a lot of memories. We didn't have goats, but lots of other animals, a huge garden with lots and lots of sweet corn, and many great hills for us to sled down. Thanks for being so generous.

Barbara Spackey

Just loved the goat's and of course Pokaspot my favorite. We were up there last fall got some pictures from the road stopped in town at the store you have the sweetiest people working for you they even took pictures on the porch with us spent time with the guys at the Hotel everyone one we met was just so friendly and out going we hope to make it to a Fall fest in the future.Never have I seen a tractor on any farm shine like yours did. Love your show is it coming back on this year? We hope so we love you guys and Farmer Brown.


AWESOME! Thanks for sharing this amazing experience! Miss seeing the show so much but it is great to be able to keep up by your videos and posts. Congrats on all the new little ones, and wishing the every best to every living thing at Beekman 1802!


I watched this video and commented once on it earlier, but I have to ask. Do all those babies have the same daddy? He must have needed a long winter's nap!

Does the mommy or daddy goat ever get to interact with their new baby/ies? Just curious.

Again, awesome video.!

Willie Mae deGraffen

Hi Fellows and Farmer John,

I love and miss you all show on TV. I hope you will

be coming back on soon or sometime this year………

I love the video of the baby ghost been born…

Farmer John is a good person because he loves his goats..

I hope you all will continue making video of your animals,

and how farm life is, it's very interesting…..

You all take care and God Bless you all.

Mrs. Willie Mae deGraffenried


You are the luckiest people on earth! What a wonderful, warm & loving video! Thank you for sharing.

John B Hills, Grand

Absolutely wonderful! – Thank you guys so much! – Reminds me of our black lab delivering eight puppies one night, as our two little sons watched, and the four of us seeing a wild African animal drop her young while we were aboard the train at the Wild Animal Park NE of San Diego


This was just amazing to see. Thank you for sharing your special moments with us. Good job on inserting Polkaspot as the "Head Nurse" in the video. She really seemed to fit the description 🙂 My favorite name out of that group was Margot!!! Keep sharing please…I love enjoying the farm life through your posts and videos. Of course, I would love a third season even better 🙂


Thanks so much for shaing your birhing video of your new KIDS. Truly enjoyed watching and learning from it.Looks like you have many more to come. Love your site and all your information. Thanks !

Matthew Arsena

Thanks Josh & Brent for sharing the video. The kids are cute! Love you guys….the Starlight Boys! Matt & Bryan

Amanda Fish

So beautiful!! i love seeing farmer john in action!! they are so adorable best of luck this season on the farm 🙂 Hugs to you all!!


What a wonderful sightthis. I'm 83 years old and have never seenylike this before. Thank you for sharing ..and for Farmer John and both of you. I miss your program ..but this sure made up for it. In case you didn't notice I very seldom send any message..but certainly couldn't pass this by!!!


This was just beautiful. Thank you for letting us into your world to see life at it's best. You are greatly blessed by giving all of these animals such a wonderful start.


Do the babies get a chance to nurse before they are taken away to the nursery? Don't they need to be with their mamas?

Michele (@AMushroomQ

Josh, Brent, Farmer John,

Thank you for sharing this wonderful and very happy video. We miss watching you all! xoxox

Take care,


Mary Shelley

Watching the birth of the baby goats fed my hunger for being at the farm!

Read your book and cookbook hoping to visit Sharon Springs one day.Enjoyed them both so much. Thanks for sharing!

I was wondering if you all were still at the farm.Guess you are!




Love the video of the "gobies"(goat babies) being born.

Gotta love the "special guest"…..POLKASPOT, in the video, just had to get into the action. I LOVE it!

Hugs to all of you! Thanks for sharing!


sue tolbert

Thank you so much for letting us in on the moment. Wow, it seemed like old times. LOVE EVERY SECOND!!! xoxo sue t.

Kathy Jarret

What a GIFT!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing the birth of the baby goats with all of us. Congratulations to all at the Beekman farm !! The Head Nurse should get an Oscar for her performance


This should come with a warning to bring out the kleenex.

I remember seeing animal births in graphic detail on the TV series (PBS I think), "All Creatures Great and Small." I can't imagine why anyone would object to this natural and beautiful part of life.


That was beautiful,thanks so much for sharing. I was at a artisan goat cheese place a while ago and didn't realize that the baby's hoofs are soft when they are born.


Poor Macy! Three babies and they are all so adorable.

Guys, they holler because it hurts!


Thanks for sharing with us!

It's so great to see you all, again! Love seeing the miracles being born and enjoy always seeing Pokie!You guys ARE amazing.


Those babies are just precious. And Auntie Polka is so attentive. But ladies, can you imagine – they have hooves! Ouch – that'll leave a mark. I'd need a Bucket O' honey spiked Margueritas too! I think when this is over, John will need a bucket of something too. Congratulations to all at the farm!

Marcia Slatkin

Beatufiul video job! You managed to capture the esssence of four births with no trouble! I was a goat farmer for 8 years on Long Island, breeding Togs and Nubians, milking, making cheese etc. It was a miraculous time — hard work, but myriad rewards. I've written about it all in a book of poems called A WOMAN MILKING: Barnyard Poems. Send me a snail mail address, and I'll mail you a copy as thanks for your fabulous work! Warm regards, marcia.


Those goats are precious….they are lucky to be born on your farm. Congratulations to all of the Beekman Family! Marcia


isn't it wonderful. we just had 2 babies born. One of the small farmers here had 4 goats he didn't want any long and so he gave them to us. One of the nannys was preg. and we got two lovely babies on presidents day, what a lovely free gift for us. Keep hoping you all will return to tv. Really do miss ya all.

Alexandra Kruse

What a miracle! I smiled and cried all at the same time. Blessing to all. PS Where was Farmer John when *I* was in labor 28 years ago today?! And I adore the Head Nurse! Great, thank you so much for sharing!


It's just so beautiful watching Farmer John care of the new moms and kids…they get such good care and love! Always fun to get your updates!

Linda Belair

Thanks for the glimpse into nature. I REALLY MISS YOUR TV SHOW. It was my time to laugh and learn.

Wendy Mark

We look forward to seeing the "new kids" every year. Thank you for sharing this wonderful event. Best of luck to John and the new moms. We love all of you guys!


Love seeing the newest additions! You two and Farmer John have a really special bond and it's refreshing to see all that love on the farm.

Take care and look forward to more news on the growing goat family.