We reset the flagship Mercantile 5 times a year–once for each season and at holiday. For those of you who live far away and can’t make it in, we always like to post a few photos of the details.

To coordinate with the 100th Anniversary of the National Parks, our theme for autumn is “Into the Wild”. We partnered with artist Christian Watson to create a tight collection of outdoor gear to help all of you “go wild” Beekman 1802-style.

Take a look around:



Are you ready to get into the wild, click here to visit the Beekman 1802 Mercantile online shop





by Josh and Brent

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Susan Albetski

Wish i could see them better. Are they not made to be viewed on a PC,maybe just a MAC or MAC software? So many of these pics on your blogs are upside down or sideways for me. It looks like the store looks wonderful. If I need to ajust my own settings somehow to view these on a PC in Chrome, please let me know how. I would love to be able to fully appreciate them. Especially that wonderful carving.