We always do a lot of business travel during the holidays. It’s our time to hit the road and help promote our artisans’ wares for seasonal gift-giving. Some years (like this one) we’re only home a few days between Thanksgiving and Christmas! But whether we’re in a motel in Minneapolis, or a B&B in Baltimore, we usually end every night by firing up our iPad and hitting “play” on some of our favorite holiday videos. Sure, we watch the classics – It’s a Wonderful Life; Love, Actually – but our favorites are a little more off-the-beaten-reindeer-path…


by Josh and Brent

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valerie irving

I discovered “Santa Claus Conquered the Martians” on youtube the other day! Haven’t seen it in decades. Watched the whole thing. Hilarious!(yes I sang the song LOL). Watched “White Christmas” a couple weeks ago. My dad told me when the song first came out, there wasn’t a dry eye in his barracks. Love singing the song “Sisters” with Bing Crosby & Danny Kaye. 🙂


The Family Stone is one of my favorite holiday movies! I watch it while wrapping my Beekman gifts! 😉
Grew up watching Mr. Magoo, but totally forgot about it. Need to watch tonight!
Thank you for everything Beekman!

Down Route 10

Tis the season when you see a herd of window shoppers outside the mercantile at 8:00am on a 32′ Saturday morning. Thank you for the sweet storefront…..tres Sharon Springs.

Sue Perkins

Hi Neighbor! “The Family Stone” and “White Christmas” are among my favorite Christmas movies. I remember watching “Mr. Magoos’ Christmas”. Charles Dickins “A Christmas Carol”, the one with George C. Scott is one I watch every year while wrapping Christmas presents.
Josh and Brent and all the staff at the Beekman 1802 have a Merry Christmas!

Bonnie J. Davis

Hi Neighbor! Thank you so much for reminding me about Santa and the Martians. That brought back a wonderful memory. When I was little, my mom worked 2 jobs and she had promised me that no matter what, she’d take me to see that movie. It was the last day it was going to be in our local theatre as part of a month of various Christmas movies. A snow storm blew into town and the roads were all covered. The theatre was still open. So, she bundled me up and took me to that movie. We were the only 2 people in the theatre. She kept her promise – always did. She passed away in 2010. Thank you for reminding me of this great memory.


Wow, where was I when the Martians were kidnapping Santa? All the way through a snow storm you say; I must find that movie and watch it. Think I’ll give a holiday party and play it for everyone. Your Mom sounds so wonderful. A surreal moment; the theater and just you and your devoted Mom. Neighbor Bonnie, hold tight to that memory!


Hi neighbors! Yeah, some of those least remembered Christmas movies and specials are still worth watching when you sit down and catch your breath during this very busy season. The Christmas Martian one must have been filmed in D.C. The strange meets the traditional story. LOL. Now that’s a story I simply must see.
I know you always give so much, to give us so much to take care of our health. Dr. Brent I thank you! Safe travels as you spread the good news and enjoy those movies in the few weeks of holiday.


Going to see “Love Actually” on the 18th at the Palace Theater in Albany. I didn’t realize it was a Christmas movie, but now I’m really looking forward to seeing it. I love your list. Some movies I had never even heard of. Looking forward to seeing Martha and Julia together as well. Thanks guys. Safe travels.

Karen L. Kohan

I grew up watching Mr. Magoo’s Christmas every year and still enjoy watching it as it was the first time I was exposed to Dickens’ at all and loved the concept (done with a lighter sense via cartooning); to me, it’s the true meaning of Christmas and reminds me to live each and every day to the fullest (helping our neighbors!)


I, too, love The Family Stone! I looked forward to Martha’s annual Christmas show! I loved when Dennis Franz and his wife were guests! Blown away he was on Martha. Have you viewed Arthur Christmas and Robbie the Reindeer? If you have not, it is imperative Robbie is the BBC original version. The Robbie with American actors is displorable. Merry Christmas. I wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!


I remember the Martha Stewart episode where she invited Julia Child to make croque-em-bouche with her. Martha’s looked like it had been constructed by a full-on production team of baking experts, whereas Julia’s was, as you say, “rustic”. I remember feeling just awful for Julia, as Martha stood beside her practically crowing about having out-done the legend that was Julia Child. I remember how appalling it all seemed to me, how petty and just plain mean. Don’t get me wrong, I admire Martha and she guided me and taught me many things when I was a young woman and still learning how to cook, but I never forgot how she humiliated Julia and it’s stuck with me all these years. Julia was such a good sport about it all. A true lady and one-of-a-kind wonderful!

And ps: The Family Stone is a favourite of mine as well. I love anything that involves Diane Keaton, fabulous houses, wonderful food, and enough dysfunction to last you a good long while, haha! Wishing everyone at Beekman 1802 a very Merry Christmas season!! Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All!


Santa Claus Conquers the Martians is the first movie I remember seeing in a theater! Most people have never heard of it. Thanks for reminding me of a great memory.


I have a Roku and am able to watch a channel that has Christmas movies 24/7, best part is I get to see movies I haven’t seen in years – House without a Christmas tree, The Gathering and several vintage.versions of a Christmas Carol, none I had seen before.

Cannot.wait for the marathon.

Elisabeth ODonnell

Thank you for a great rundown on some great Christmas classic movies.
Love the oldies they give one the true sense of family and the holiday spirit.
Merry Christmas to you all and the animals.


Where is Christmas Story? I cannot believe that didn’t make your list! That red rider BB gun is a classic, and ELF is another great one. Will Ferrell is great in that movie!