Klaus loves winter almost as much as he loves oysters!  This can be construed in many ways.  Either you love winter or you hate it.  In Klaus’s world, this can only mean love- because he is absolutely passionate about oysters!

Recently Klaus received a letter from his father in Germany.  Klaus has been doing a bit of research about his history and contacted who he thought was his father.  Not all gnomes are made in Germany, but Klaus is relieved to learn that he is in fact from a company located in the former East Germany.  Griebel Zwergenmanufaktur Graefenroda is where Klaus pushed his way out of the soil.  Klaus is really an amazing little guy and now he knows who he really is and where he comes from!

Klaus loves B&G Oyster in Boston and visits every time he is in town.  The friendly counter-help know Klaus by now and offer him a fine seat right by the oyster bar where he can watch the action.  Klaus is most interested in the oysters from New England.  The water at this time of the year is highly saline and the oysters are bursting with their liquor.  Liquor?  Klaus loves liquor of all kinds!

Everywhere Klaus goes on his travels he makes new friends.  And now that he is in closer touch with his unique heritage, his story becomes even more interesting to tell!  In the letter Klaus learned that the drinking gnome has not been produced for perhaps one hundred years.   He has to be quite old!  The letter went on to complement his condition for his age- that he may not have been kept outside because his coloration is still vivid and clear, right down to his little ceramic jug of liquor.  Why is this important?

Because Klaus is the Soused Gnome!

During the winter months Klaus’s garden in New Jersey is lying barren, covered in a Vermeer blanket of sugary snow.  Here and there tips of the heartier herbs make their way out of the snow and green up a bit in the sun.  There was some thyme this morning, that wasn’t frost burned, along with some rosemary and lavender.  Do you think that Klaus has a garden inspired drink in mind for this frosty morning?

Somewhere deep inside his little ceramic stomach a thirst is building for these herbs from the garden.   Why should Klaus wait until spring for gar-tending?

Why not right now?

Klaus is quite fond of blood oranges as well as freshly snipped herbs in his winter cocktails.  One of his recent inventions takes the rosemary, thyme and lavender then packages the fragrant herbs in cheesecloth, then submerges them in simple syrup made from Cane sugar for a few hours.  Later in the day, Klaus fishes the little cheesecloth parcel out of the cane sugar syrup and a new flavor element is born.

His blood oranges are juiced, staining the juicing glass a deep red hue.  The Rhum Agricole is added to a shaker along with a bit of the herbal simple syrup, then an application of bitters finish the soon to be shaken ingredients.   The shaker gets some ice and Klaus shakes the shaker back and forth hard, until the contents are well mixed and quite frosty.  Meanwhile, over on the table, Klaus has a couple of Rocks glasses filled with ice and water.  Along with the ice and the water there is a shot or so of Tenneyson Absinthe in each glass.  The Absinthe will stick to the inside of the glass while it cools down.  As Klaus always tells everyone, don’t pour this Absinthe wash down the drain- pour it down your throat!  Why waste good liquor!  Klaus is always so thoughtful.

Klaus is insistent that his ice should be hand cut from a block of filtered water.  Why filtered?  So it remains clear when adding this material to the drink.

One large cube of hand cut ice, the juices, bitters and Rhum Agricole, and a finish of pink grapefruit sparkling natural mineral water from Perrier.  Oh, catch your breath Klaus; you’re soon to be smashed!


Louis Pasteur’s Ear cocktail

Ingredients:  (makes two extremely potent cocktails)

1 oz. Tenneyson Absinthe with regular ice and water in each Rocks glass to cool  (then pour into your mouth, not to waste the fine liquor!)

4 oz. Rhum Agricole (Klaus likes JM Rhum or Clement- only the best for Klaus)

4 oz. Blood Orange juice

4 oz. Herbal infused Cane Sugar Syrup- whatever is freshest in a cheesecloth bag submerged in the syrup overnight- then remove the bag and use

4 drops Bitter End Mexican Mole’ Bitters

Hand cut ice from Mavea filtered water (freezes virtually clear)

4 oz. total Perrier Pink Grapefruit Sparkling Natural Mineral Water



Add Tenneyson Absinthe, water and ice to a couple Rocks glasses and let sit to cool

Pour out the water, ice and Absinthe into your mouth

Add 1 giant hand cut ice cube

Shake a Boston shaker filled with the Rhum Agricole with the Blood Orange juice and the herbal infused simple syrup.  Add about ¾ with regular ice, then shake for twenty seconds

Strain over the large ice cube and add two drops of the Bitter End Mexican Mole’ Bitters over the top of each glass

Finish with 2 oz. of the Pink Grapefruit Perrier over the top of each glass

Garnish with a Blood Orange slice and watch the fun begin!

Klaus?  Klaus?  Oh, he’s wandered off again.  Looking for a party.


Awwww, shucks!



by Warren

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Is there a female gnome in the picture? Oysters and the drink would have the making of an interesting evening perhaps?!

sue tolbert

So glad Klaus finally found his heritage and once again he hasn’t let us down. sue t.