Klaus has spring fever.  Not only are the plants bursting out in lush green splashes of color, but also Klaus has love on his little terra-cotta mind.  You see Klaus tends to drink a bit too much during the day.  With the coming spring in the air, his libido is working overtime.  How do I know this?   Well Klaus doesn’t hide his emotions well.  Recently Klaus has been receiving strange messages from other gnome in the social mediascape.  Is he married, does he have a fräulein?  Are there little gnomes that belong to him?  Ah Klaus… Have you been fooling around again?  Has the “spring-fever” caught up with you? I’m not sure what is going on inside his little terra-cotta brain.  All I know is that he has cocktails on his mind and it’s only 8:30 in the morning! The garden seems to be perking up a bit.  Last night I caught Klaus out in the garden sniffing the herbs that are emerging from the ground.  I found him out in the lavender patch, rubbing the fragrant herb on the inside of his little terra-cotta wrists.  Klaus explained that this method of rubbing herbs on his skin keeps the insects off of him.  He’s very sensitive that way- to insects that is!  What I think he was doing was like dabbing cologne on his body.  He was doing this to attract and capture the fräulein who live out in the garden!!!

Klaus had a small bottle of Barr Hill Gin tucked under his arm.  This German styled gin is made with raw honey, like back in the old country where Klaus was born.  The distillation of honey is a very old technique that dates back to the beginning of time.  The ancient Egyptians made fermented spirits with honey, so the distillation of honey to make gin is not so far off of the mark.  Because Klaus is always on the cutting edge of flavor, gin is a lively liquid, meant to charm the dirndls off the gnome maidens that seem to find their way to his door.  Oh, I’ve never seen these maidens, but I know they are out there in the garden.  They even make Klaus blush with their antics.  Oh Klaus! 

My friend Thomas Hardie in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont where they know a thing or two about gnomes, distills Barr Hill.   I’m a HUGE fan of his spirits- both the crisp, honey dipped vodka and the lush, opulent and salubrious, luxury gin. Klaus is convinced that his ice is of the highest importance.  He uses a Williams-Sonoma silicone ice tray and always fills it with water filtered through another product that Williams-Sonoma sells called the “Inspired Water” filter- Mavea Pitcher.  Klaus has a well in the garden where he draws his sweet branch water.  Unfortunately this water has quite a bit of mineral action going on in the mix.  Why is this important to filter the water?  Klaus knows to filter the water because it freezes clear once filtered in this very special German filtration system.  And in keeping with Klaus’s edict of being good to Mother Nature, these water filters are completely recyclable! Tom Richter is a friend of mine who invented a different kind of Tonic Water.  It’s different because it doesn’t have the water or the corn syrup sweeteners of supermarket tonic water.  Tomr (what his dad called him when he was younger) is the concentrated aromatics of tonic water, without the stuff you don’t want!  Klaus used Tomr’s Tonic to make a very lively cocktail this morning… Or was it last night?  Oh Klaus- are you drinking in the morning again?


The Spring Fever Cocktail  (Makes for one soused gnome)



2 oz. Barr Hill Gin

1 oz. Tomr’s Tonic

½ oz. lime juice (freshly squeezed is essential)

½ teaspoon chopped lavender (don’t use too much, this isn’t potpourri.)

Mavea “Inspired Water” ice cubes, frozen with the chopped lavender in the mix (above)

2 oz. Polar Beverages Mint Mojito Seltzer Water (Essential!)

3 drops Bitter End Thai Bitters




The night prior, freeze a tray of ice cubes with the addition of lavender over the top of the water  (hand cut your cubes with an ice pick and hammer if possible)

In a Boston shaker- fill ¾ with regular bar ice



Barr Hill Gin

Tomr’s Tonic

Lime juice


Shake like crazy for 13 seconds

Strain into a rocks glass that has one large cube of infused lavender ice within

Finish with the Polar Beverages Mint Mojito Seltzer Water

Drip 3 drops of the Bitter End Thai Bitters over the top and sip carefully…


What is YOUR cure for Spring Fever?


by Warren

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