If there is one thing that Klaus treasures above all else is Grade B maple syrup and sweet cream.  Perhaps this dense, dark maple syrup and cream is so beguiling to Klaus because of his kinfolk who live up in Vermont.  It’s well known that some people of Germanic descent found themselves naturally attracted to the Vermont Mountains.  This region is reminiscent of where Klaus popped up out of the forest floor all those years ago!

After all, Klaus is a Greibel Gnome.  He recently had a pang for the old country and asked me, in his absence of his thumbs to write a letter to the company that produced him.   Klaus said that he would ply me with Vermont Ice Maple Crème and another gorgeous product named 300 Joules from New Jersey of all places and the game was on!  I wrote the company in Germany and a month passed.  Then another.  By this time the weather started to get a bit cooler out and the Vermont Ice Maple Crème became more and more attractive to me.  I began to lose hope that I’d finally find out about Klaus and who he really is!   The bottle of Lemon Cream from 300 Joules was burning in my brain…

What should I make with it and the Maple Crème?

An email came that afternoon from the Greibel Company in Germany.  This note in a typical German fashion was short and succinct.  It read simply:  “He’s in pretty good shape for his age.”  That was it.  So, I wrote them back asking how old Klaus is, attaching the web page for the Beekman Boys showing his new friends and Polka Spot the Llama.  A month passed and then another one passed.  I thought, they probably think I’m crazy to want to know about a silly gnome.  But that was how long it took them to find out that Klaus or his friends were made over 100 years ago.  I always thought he was from the 1930’s but no, he was from sometime after 1800?  It’s inconceivable for me to imagine Klaus, who I carry around the globe, to all sorts of events- with all sorts of famous and some infamous people holding him, is such a star!

But the sumptuous maple crème, salubrious lemon liqueur woven into a crème and pumpkin picking is what Klaus came for today.  Not the story of his life, (although very interesting) nor the hunter’s sausages that he enjoyed while hiking in the woods today, but the pumpkin patch that Klaus got stuck in while pleasantly soused on Vermont Ice Maple Crème and 300 Joules Lemon.

This soft across the palate crème liqueur is luscious and sensual when sipped.  Where it really excels is in a hot cup of coffee.

300 Joules is liquid silk in a bottle.  If you could fill a bathtub full of 300 Joules and take a bath in it you would, it’s that good.  There is a mystical aroma with the 300 Joules, named for electricity, which is exactly what you sense when you sip this liqueur.  The tingling of citrus runs through your brain and into your senses, there really is nothing like it on the market.  300 Joules reminds me of the oily zest of lemons picked right off the tree in Italy.  When you scrape your nail on one of these lemons it glistens in the light and mosquitoes stay off!  When spun into a liqueur the lemon and silk, (well there is no silk in it) are enticing with the rich creamy texture.  I find it ultra easy to mix as you will soon find out.

Klaus recently asked me to pour equal measures of Vermont Ice Maple Crème and 300 Joules Lemon into a ceramic mug that was preheated with boiling water.  He then forgot all about getting stuck in the pumpkin patch and set upon the task of making this scintillating cocktail.  He also wanted to kick the alcohol level up a bit by adding Barr Hill Gin.  Barr Hill Gin is made in Vermont, like the Ice Maple Crème, so it was only natural to add something of a similar terroir to the mix. Klaus is very happy I did because he is now quite soused!

The name of this drink bedevils even Klaus in his soon to be sleeping state.  Happy fall and to fall a good night!

The House of Shaw’s Cocktail is a hot drink for a cool night.  If it’s not cool out side, put on a wet t-shirt and run around outside in the wind for a few minutes, you’ll be cold soon enough.  Klaus does this before his morning constitutional.   He says it keeps him young.  I don’t doubt it.



The House of Shaw’s (a hot drink to chase away the fall blues)


Preheat your mug with boiling water and pour out



2 oz. 300 Joules Lemon infusion

1 oz. Vermont Ice Maple Crème

½ oz. Barr Hill Gin

Hot Coffee

Freshly whipped cream to finish

Fresh nutmeg



To your preheated mug add the liqueurs and the coffee

Top with whipped cream and scrape some fresh nutmeg over the top

Serve immediately


Watch out Klaus, don’t have more than three!


What’s your favorite way to warm up when the chill hits the air?





by Warren

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Jan Tubiolo

Bummer! Where would I ever get the ingredients for such a delectable drink here in way-south Southern California? Makes me sorry just to be so far away….all I could come up with are the last 3 items in the recipe!

Alex Weiss

Hi Jan. I am part of the team that produces and sells Barr Hill Gin, one of those tough to find ingredients in Southern California. However, we are soon to be available in your great State. If you can, please tell me the name of your favorite spirits store in your neighborhood and when our products reach the west coast, we’ll be sure to contact them and request a tasting with their buyers. In the mean time, you can learn about our distillery and our raw honey on our website: There are also links to buy online as well. Many thanks! – Alex
my email: alex (at) caledoniaspirits (dot) com