Cabin FEVER????

Klaus has cabin fever.   After complaining about the cold for weeks on end, Klaus’s cabin fever is about to come to an end.  In two days, Klaus is going on a journey!  But for now he must be content and sit near the wood burning stove for heat.

Now somewhere inside his little ceramic body there lies a thirst that is impossible to quench.  Every so often his little ceramic brain sends a message down to that flask wrapped around his chest.  The light goes off and all surrounding him notice a flash by his flask.  Klaus is THIRSTY!

Did you know that Klaus is very fond of Spodee???

What is Spodee?  Klaus has to tell you about Spodee.  It reminds him of the spiced wine that his father Franz used to serve on very cold days (like today) in the old country.  Country wine was mixed up with fruits and spices.  There was also chocolate in there and dare I say- Moonshine!  In Germany this would have been known as Schnapps.  Country wine and Moonshine?  Klaus is getting a healthy glow on his little red colored cheeks.

His smile is increasing and he’s whistling a little tune in his yodel like voice.  “Wine and shine! Wine and shine” Oh Klaus, I bet you sing that to all the girls.  Klaus, you’re such a charmer!

Spodee is a lovely way to make already delicious liquor even more beguiling.  In this case Templeton Rye Whiskey has found a way into Klaus’s little flask.  Along the way he picked up a bottle of Spodee.  In his little world strange things happen all the time.  All summer long Klaus mused prophetically about the plethora of herbs that surrounded him and his cocktailian proposals.  Now that it is the depth of winter the only herbs are in this bottle of Spodee Wine.  But how does this taste?  Spodee, made of country wine and moonshine plus the administration of 80 Proof Rye Whiskey?  I think it’s easy to imagine how delicious this drink would be.  There are very few concoctions of this kind that Klaus wouldn’t want to try!

Spodee was Depression era hooch so the label reads and the Templeton Rye also became very popular during the Depression with guys like Al Capone who served it in his Speakeasies.  Maybe this combination isn’t too far off?  A way to calm down the power and intoxicating ability of the Rye is through a flavorful mixer.  But what if that mixer was Spodee?

Klaus?  Are you paying attention?

He’s wandered off again.  Looking for a party.  Klaus makes his own parties and with a bottle of Spodee and one of Templeton Rye Whiskey, well watch out!

I just think it works because these flavors of sweet and spicy rye whiskey char and chocolate are delicious together!


Prisoner AZ-85 Cocktail (Al Capone was prisoner AZ-85)


2 oz. Templeton Rye Whiskey (Prohibition Recipe)

1 oz. Spodee (Wine and Shine)

Bitter End Mexican Mole’ Bitters

Crushed Ice



To a glass fill to the brim with crushed ice

To a Boston shaker- fill ¾ with regular ice

Add 2 oz. Templeton Rye

Add 1 oz. Spodee

Add 5 drops Bitter End Mexican Mole’ Bitters

Shake for 12.4 seconds, ok, make it 13 seconds (Klaus!!!)

Strain over the crushed ice and sip carefully.  This one packs a BIG punch.

What is YOUR cure for cabin fever?  Tell Klaus in the comments section below!

by Warren

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Come up for the Sharon Springs Garden Party June 1 and 2! The goats just may be in their little pen outside the Mercantile.

Bev Nan Murphy

After YOUR cure for cabin fever, I need a cure for a hangover! Keep up the good work.


I just realized I live about 1 hour from where Templeton Rye is made. (Templeton, Iowa) I think I know what my cure for cabin fever will be. I see a field trip in my future….


I’ve been going nutty with all of these Gartending recipes. My husband is beginning to wonder if I’ve developed a drinking problem. lol They are all so unique and interesting, though. I’m really enjoying them.


When I lived in Upstate New York, cabin fever was cured by throwing saddle bags on Bankrupt, our big bay mare, and riding into town to buy scotch and cigarettes. We don’t smoke any more.


I was going to cure my cabin fever by shopping in Sharon Springs today. But alas I have to snowblow my huge driveway. I don’t drink. Maybe I should take it up!


The tea and honey sounds soooo good… Perhaps the cinnamon tea I bought from The Black Cat….but no booze. I really would have liked the shopping spree with some Blaak Mac and Cheese at The Black Cat too! Have you been to Sharon Springs? It is a very friendly, sweet spot on earth.

Warren Bobrow

I would like to come up. Maybe in the spring Klaus and I will take a trip up there. He’s very interested in visiting- his little ceramic brain is thinking of the goats!


Come up for the Sharon Springs Garden Party June 1 and 2! The goats just may be in their little pen outside the Mercantile. Oops I pushed the wrong reply button…….maybe that tea was a little more potent than I thought!