Klaus just got back from New Orleans where he participated in the yearly event named Tales of the Cocktail.  It is also know more commonly as Tales.  It was at Tales last year that Klaus caught the cocktail bug.  He always had it deep inside his little ceramic heart to be included in the travel.  He gets so excited from going into the soft leather briefcase, wrapped carefully in a towel.  When he goes through the TSA security he wonders why this perfectly normal person with the wild hair would have a German Drinking Gnome in his computer bag?  It’s hard to say, but as I discovered in France with gnomes all are not what they seem.  I was passing through security in Charles du Galle airport and the two young men looking down at me from the bridge over the security area were looking at me very intently.  They said something to their communication gear and two more equally disturbing young men carrying sub-machine guns were escorting me to a back room.  It’s very efficient and very crisp to see in a movie, less so when the cold steel of a gun is directed towards you.  I have to admit it was a bit exciting, but scary all the same.  Before I was led off to the bowels of the airport for a precursory conversation I glanced at the video monitor that had just x-rayed my briefcase, I saw the outline of Klaus: The Soused Gnome.

I knew all would be fine!

So when Klaus arrived in New Orleans after an uneventful trip and he found himself riding on top of the world famous Carousel Bar!  Marvin himself, in the flesh sitting right there in front of him, waiting for Klaus to say three magic words, Ramos Gin Fizz!!!!!   And so it goes.  Klaus at the bar, Marvin at the ready and Klaus is silent!  The Carousel gave a small shudder and time seemed to stand still, even for a moment.  At that very moment a little Ramos Gin Fizz appeared as if by magic in front of Klaus.  His own little drink!  History in a glass personified!  And Klaus, sitting up there on the bar, watching the world go by in historic New Orleans, the land of dreams, 15 minutes round and round and round.  The room changes, Klaus makes new friends and all is brilliant for a 15 minute parcel of the day.  The two Ramos Gin Fizzes that I enjoyed in Marvin’s care were the two greatest experiences of my life.  And the simple act of making a tiny one for Klaus endeared me to this place forever.  Thank you Hotel Monteleone.  You are a class act.  And while I’m on the track with Klaus sitting in front of me, I think of the happiness that he brings to a room.  Not everyone gets it, far from.  At 52 I can be eccentric!  Most of my peers in the room are ½ my age or more.  Not that this is bad, far from- but Klaus is painfully aware of his place in the universe.  Recently he found out his age and it caused him great alarm.  I will say that he’s older that I thought and in pretty good shape for his age!  At any rate that cocktail that Marvin made for him was the most refreshing and delicious thing ever.  The Ramos Gin Fizz is a historic cocktail with only a couple of ingredients.  You should use a gin that is dry, instead of botanical.  It should play well with others so to speak.  The milk that you use is equally important.  Whole milk is a necessity.  DO NOT USE SKIM.  I’ll rue the day that you make a venerable cocktail such as the Ramos Gin Fizz with Skim Milk…  that is just not done.








The Ramos Gin Fizz as produced by Marvin at the Carousel Bar in New Orleans

From what I saw this is approximately the recipe. Klaus was in the way.


2 oz London Dry Gin

.25 Lemon juice (it looked very fresh from the kitchen)
.25 lime (also fresh, no excuses)

.25 simple syrup (I like the Rock Candy Simple from my friend Joe Fee)
2 oz. heavy whipping cream

an egg white, no shells! Be careful!

One shake orange flower water

Spritz of seltzer.  I used Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water


All goes into a Boston Shaker filled ¾ with ice then shake like crazy for a while.  How long?  Oh, you’ll know.   It’s supposed to be light and airy.

Pour into a Collins Glass with ice and top with a spritz of seltzer water.


Klaus had his in an old fashioned glass.



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by Warren

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Warren Bobrow

I think something was left out.. maybe it’s my fault or Klaus’s. 2 oz. Regular Milk AND 2 oz. Heavy Whipping Cream finish with a splash of soda water. 2 drops or fewer of the orange flower water… 1 egg white! a squeeze of lemon juice! Gin!

Rebecca Barnes

“And Klaus, sitting up there on the bar, watching the world go by in historic New Orleans, the land of dreams, 15 minutes round and round and round. The room changes, Klaus makes new friends and all is brilliant for a 15 minute parcel of the day”

^^ This is lovely. Beautifully written.