We were captivated by these images of future farmers captured by artist Richard Walker.  The images were shot at the Cooperstown, NY Farmers’ Museum Jr. Livestock Show.

Says the artist:

The smiles on these kids say it all about the pride of farming and its future.

We agree.





To see more of Richard Walker’s works, click here

by Josh and Brent

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I love these photos. But, I especially love the pictures of the kid's hugging or even giving a gentle kiss to the animals.

This day in age, so many people feel so separated from their food sources and livestock animals, that some children believe that the meat under that plastic wrap if manufactured rather than grown.

It is vitally important and heartwarming to see that there is a generation of farmers, yet to come, that can have respect for, and a connection with these creatures, big & small, if I may.

Thanks for the bright spot on a cold dreary day!

Mekales (Meh-kale-ees)

Nicole LeMere

Agreed! What great picks! We will soon be getting our oldest son, who's in Kindergarten, into our local 4H Club. Looking forward to all the new things he'll learn, that his daddy hasn't already taught him.


Animals teach us some of the best lessons in life…love, loyalty, friendship. It's sad to see the decline of 4H and FFA, These are some beautiful photographs!

Becky Leach

My kids LOVE 4H! They show llamas, dairy goats, and turkeys. Polka Spot is welcome to join us anytime!

sue tolbert

Oh yes, those were the days!!! I showed rabbits and just ask me if they weren't the best in show. thanks for the memories and cheers to all the kids into FFA and 4H. sue t.


I love going to our county fair and seeing the 4H members with their animals. You can just feel the pride radiate from them as they show off and talk about their projects.