Josh and Brent first met Vickie Durfee at a book signing event in Rochester, NY. Vickie spoke about her organization, Full Circle Home, with the same passion and conviction that they both use to speak about Beekman 1802. This wasn’t just the place where she spent her days. This was the thing that lit a spark within her; that fueled her soul. She explained that Full Circle Home is a not-for-profit organization that connects deployed service members with their loved ones across the country and on bases around the world. It began when one man asked Vickie if she could arrange to send Christmas gifts from him to his girlfriend while he was deployed over seas.

Since 2007, Full Circle Home has helped over 21,000 troops send holiday gifts and love notes to their Heroes at Home.

The simple act of giving a gift with a hand written note bridges the gap between our troops and those who support them. These gift packages allow those serving to express their gratitude and recognize the sacrifices made by those at home and are a daily reminder of the love of their service member.

This year, Vickie and her organization purchased Beekman 1802 products for the 9th Day of Christmas. When she asked if we would want to host a gift wrapping party with some of our neighbors, it wasn’t a question of if – it was a question of when.

We were hoping to have 25 volunteers help us wrap. More than 50 neighbors joined us — on a Monday afternoon.

by Heather Sadlemire

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Pam Hale

Just when I think I can’t love you two any more you go & prove me wrong. Again, you all walk the talk & inspire me to do more. ❤️❤️🐐

Beth Robinson

What a beautiful refreshing idea. You all prove that kindness still exists and that most folks are innately good at heart.