While we love a good centerpiece, sometimes they inhibit good dinner conversation. Invariably they block the eye-line of a few of your guests. Especially the shorter ones. (Brent hates that.)

table greenery 2
Recently, at a large press event, we had a runner made of fresh greenery and herbs to stretch the entire length of the table. It was incredibly festive, and even better…incredibly fragrant! By nestling the hot serving dishes in the greens after they were passed, the warmth of the plates released the herb & evergreen natural oils.

Below is a list of great greens with wonderful fragrance to use on your table (avoid floral scents like lavendar since they may clash with the scent of the food.) A great way to get large bunches of inexpensive herbs is to visit your local farmers market. If you give your local herb farmer enough notice, they may also be willing to negotiate a bulk price with you. (Note, always use the freshest herbs and greens you can find, and never place a candle with an open flame in the greens.)

Fragrant evergreens:


Fragrant herbs & leaves:

Lemon Verbena
bay leaves
lime leavesgreenery table

by Josh Kilmer-Purcell

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