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In the Japanese language there’s a word, Shinrin-yoku. It means “forest bathing” The idea being that spending time in the forest and natural areas is good preventative medicine, since it lowers stress, which causes or exacerbates some of our most intractable health issues.  It’s not just magic, it’s science. Trees and plants naturally produce allelochemic substances known as phytoncides, which are kind of like pheromones for plants. Their job is to help ward off pesky insects and slow the growth of fungi and bacteria. These phytochemicals are scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, relieve stress and boost the growth of cancer-fighting white blood cells.

At Beekman 1802 we forage for mushrooms, wild leeks, milk weed and burdock root—foraged ingredients that make magic on our dinner table.

So this summer, head into the woods. You’ll find more than a fairy tale.


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by Josh and Brent

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You learn something new everyday! I see you two have dressed in your best to go foraging for us city folk. It’s a dirty job but somebodies got to do it!