Ask just about anyone, and they’d probably associate getting a lump of coal with being on the naughty list for the holidays. Luckily for you, one of the most loved beauty items from Beekman 1802 turns the reasoning behind the lore right on its head. We’re talking about our Lump of Kohl, the perfect gift for someone who’s been a little naughty this year (raises hand!)

Our Lump of Kohl is a skin detox treatment that uses bamboo charcoal to remove impurities and chemicals from the skin. Goat milk moisturizes the skin and keeps it pH balanced. It’s lightly scented with notes of frankincense and myrrh to rejuvenate the sense. Each generous bar is meant to be cut into smaller portions for use.

And because the holidays are all about the shimmer, we also have the Lump of Gold. We believe that good people, like good neighbors, deserve our shimmer beauty bar. Much like Lump of Kohl, it uses goat milk to help maintain skin pH and moisture. Plus each bar contains minute flecks of gold mica minerals that provides a hint of shimmer while keeping your face and body “sparking clean.” It is lightly scented with notes of bergamot and star anise.

Everyone from Cosmo to InStyle magazine agree that everyone on both your naughty and nice list deserve a Lump of Kohl (and Gold) waiting in their stocking this season.

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Our bestselling formulation of goat milk soap coupled with real activated bamboo charcoal removes toxins to purify and refresh.
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by Aray Till

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